How to Search?
Our mission is to democratize learning. We believe every kid deserves a great teacher and guidance. We are committed to providing the best for the kids. We built this community to help parents find and enroll in the best activity classes for their kids. Thousands of parents come to KleverKid everyday and choose to create a free KleverKid account and give their kid the best. We give great importance to anything that can help a kid learn and have fun at the same time.

Every kid is a future artist, sportsmen, dancer or a scientist. We believe your kid deserves the best out of all, which is why you will find the best quality classes listed on our website. We believe in making learning fun and interesting for the kids. We verify every listing by our professional team of experts to make sure your kid will have a great time at these classes. We collect ratings and reviews to help make your decision simple.

Your kid deserves the best. We help you do that by making it ridiculously simple to find the best. Enrolling in a class is just a click away at the tip of your fingers. You will also find blogs to help you make parenting decisions and quizzes to help you and your kid get the best. All of the classes listed on our website are verified to make sure that your kid gets the best of them all.
Search classes across cities. All you need to do is enter class or activity that you are looking for in the search bar on the home page.

We display photos, reviews, ratings and comments to help you search and choose the best. You can narrow your search to ratings and reviews. You can also change location by zooming in and out of the map. We provide accurate locations integrating with Google Maps. This unique feature also helps you find driving directions from a place to the institute where you choose to send your kid.

Contacting the activity class providers or educational institutes to book a class is simple and easy. Once you search and find the right one, you simply can click on the send enquiry button or call us on +91-9999-611160 if you need any further help. The “Add to favourites” button lets you save it as your favourite for you to check back and consider the academy or class in the future.

Once you search and book, all you have to do is relax and the let the kid take over. You can always come back to KleverKid and share your experiences with the academy, give a rating or review the academy so that the other parents can know how your experience was. This community belongs to you and parents and kids really care and look forward for your feedback.
List your class
We encourage you to list all kinds of classes on KleverKid! Whether you are a small home tuition conducting classes in your living room or a huge countrywide academy, it’s free to list. When you are all set up, you can publish your listing for the world to see.

Description and facilities
Parents are always looking for the best for their kids, so accurately describing your listing and the facilities, timings, price and other facilities help you find the right kind of parents and customers. When listing your class, answer important questions like whether or not you have a pickup and drop off facility, which ages of children you teach, pricing of your class and important achievements of the kids in your academy. This is always very helpful for our KleverParents to make decisions!

Photos & Videos
Photographs help KleverParents picture themselves and their KleverKids in your class. You can upload up to five pictures of classes, and make sure your photos are well lit, in focus and representative of the actual class. We love great pictures, so we offer professional photography to active merchants in most areas. Email us and we’ll send a professional photographer to capture your academy or class in the best possible way.

Respond to Requests
Parents who want classes like yours’ will want to book on KleverKid. You have the option to require parents to send inquiry which will generate an email to you. You can respond to the email or wait for KleverKid experts to call you about a lead. We’d love to be your contact in getting leads for you, we want to make sure you get genuine leads which is why we have our phone number noted on all listings. Once you talk to the parent over email or on the phone, you are well on your way to welcome a new student to your class! Parents then have the opportunity to review your class and share experiences with fellow parents on our community.
Yes, In order to be comprehensive we have kept the listing free. However, free listing limits you from getting enquiries generated outside our listing page.
As a KleverKid Value Added Partner Academy, you will receive the Partner Benefits, a 6-step plan that helps you grow and manage your listing. To Summarise in a line, you get enquiries, a place to manage them (ERP), Complimentary payment gateway, Connections with other teachers and academies and opportunities to grow you business further.
Our purpose is to help kids discover their passion. However to be a sustainable business, we charge a subsciption amount to all Partner academies and ofcourse get commission on bookings.
We do various offline and online activities to promote KleverKid. We already have a good readership of parents.
We have traffic of 100k+ every month, We recommend your programs to these parents regularly. We get 1000s of enquiries a month and our activity councellors team recommends the right academies to our parents. We also send newletter and put up blogs regularly.
KleverKid acts as a recommendation and booking portal with a 2 way verification process. We match the parent requirements to the right academy using Technology and Human interaction.
We monitor your progress very closely and send you a detailed report monthly. If you don't get the desired results we put in a lot of effort to cover up the next month. We will use external marketing tools Bulk SMS, News paper Inteserts, Digital ads etc.
If you take a VAS package with us for a year, Summer camp promotions is completely free of cost. We charge a commission for all conversions.
Based on our interactions, it's frustrating for parents if the academy they found has shutdown or a class is not available and at the same time academies do not want to deal with irrevelent calls. We take this EXTRA EFFORT of being the middleman to provide a better experience to our users and academies.
We make sure that our priority merchants get value which is not limited to aforementioned services. As and when we have additional services/information, we share it with partner academies-Hiring teachers, making use of premises, B2B dealings, scholarships and competitions etc.
This totally depends on parents' requirements, followed by priority merchants. In cases where every other parameter is same, we let the parent choose.
Your marketing team should be working with us. We are a great platform for them to use for relevant outreach.
We are not just a lead platform, we are a full service solution to all your business needs including marketing. We help you in brand building, marketing, payments, finance, admin etc.
We are more of a recommendation platform and provide you with lesser but more relevent leads. We are a young company hence will work harder to get you the results. Its in our interest to help you grow.
Sure, you can be on a slightly higher VAS package to compensate for commission.
Currrently, 5% of our academies in Delhi NCR are paid partners.
Sorry installments is not possible. Our prices are very affordable.
Most of the parents interact with us in the process of finding classes. To serve them better, we ask them a lot of questions and then exchange their contact with academies where they would be a good fit.
We place a higher priority to academies who partner with us while we are recommending classes to parents.
A platform to help kids discover their passion and the academies to find and enroll such kids.
Parents interact with us on email, chat and phone. Our team of activity councellors understand the kid's requirements and suggest academies accordingly.
11% aprox; 3000 total leads in NCR
We have 11k+ academies listed with us. Please have a look at the website.
We ensure that the leads are qualified and insist that the parents to visit the academies. A large part subsequent to this, depends on the academy.
We were not tracking it earlier, but we track it now. Hence our data is limited. However we will make a greater effort to filter these leads for you.
A lot of academies have benefitted from leads, visibility, dashboard, payment processing etc. Happy to connect you to some for reference.