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Mount Mary High School

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No. 256, Jawahar Nagar Road 15 , Goregaon West, Mumbai

Sub-Locality: Goregaon West India
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Classes Frequency:  5 Classes/Week
Teacher-Student ratio:  1:22
Registration fee:  0
Course fee:  3600/Month


Monday   :  08:00 AM-01:30 PM
Tuesday   :  08:00 AM-01:30 PM
Wednesday   :  08:00 AM-01:30 PM
Thursday   :  08:00 AM-01:30 PM
Friday   :  08:00 AM-01:30 PM
Saturday   :  08:00 AM-01:30 PM


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Looking behind it was through a strong will and an enduring spirit of self reliance and perserverance that has built an enigma of recognition acknowledgement and service of the social good in goregaon.
It was on a common plank of versatile planning and well –knit execution within the frame –work of limited available resources, the hard core of the essentials of establishing the house of learning was established.
While there existed a growing english medium school in the east goregaon at the beginning of the sixties, there was none then, in the wild expanse of goregaon (west) imparting schooling in the medium of english. Rising to the need, as if through intuition, a couple from the local commonality, rising to the western half of goregaon, aware of the dire danger ing the face of the little ones making their way to the school from the west to the east across the level-crossing gate, minced no idesa of youthful realities. The gent being a product of the jesuit school and the lady being convent bred, the couple with common foresight fostered to pave the destiny of their dreams by providing a double-room tenement in jawahar nagar to stage the beginning only to model it. Through the advancement of time, into a high school still popularly renowned.
Sacrificing the human tendency of properitership even whrn it could have been commercial- oriented enterprise- a financial well-beingout of the ordinary, the couple wedded to and seeded in the missionary out-look in education thought it worthy to form broad based management, comprising of members of different communities. This was established in the very next year of the experimentation in the field of education eith strong band of eighty students, registered for the k.g. and std. I and the reserved task came in the making. Thus it was in 1962, the suburban education society, bombay was born, duly registered under the societies registration act, as well as under the bombay public trust act.
The idea starting the school found its place at the shrine of our lady the mount at bandra, and school was pledged to be started with the name of mount mary. The 8th of september 1961 which marks the birthday of the blessed lady, became the foundation day of the school and the celebration of the founders day. It is a day thanksgiving and prayers- a holiday for the school. Since the year of the inception mount mary school marched slowly but steadily through with it, and in the study of the reality of emotional experrience did add to the potentialities of the healthy growth despite the alarming manifestations of physical shortage of accommodative space with the passage of time. This oddity helped to put its hidden resources into action to contain and provide for the yearly expansion of the school and to become and be one of the known institution in the suburbs.
Without a break in the development prsocess the secondary section started in 1965, saw a vertical expansion year azfter year duly recognized by the maharashtra state department of education. Here it must be mentioned that the school had always lived to have on record the valued appreciation of the department of educaion in their annual academic inspection report in respect of the innovative ideas and experiments forged and maintained with the colossal co-operative and periodic betterment of teaching-leaping process and with the new dimension added to the assessment and evaluation practice at school. It was in the year 1972 the school touched the pinnacle and became a full-fledged high school by sending its first batch of students for the s.s.c. examination of the pune board from june 1972. Therefore the school has achieved the glory of 1005 results at the s.s.c. board examination, with ambitious track records escalating the performance bar year after year.
At mount mary’s we belive not in tranquil exitence, it must be “activity motivated? In the physical sense and “search-motivated” in the phyche sense. Be it a teacher or pupil, a high level of activity is good for the body and the mind protecting and strenghening them. The responsibility at work the sense of personal discipline and dignity, the urge to be involved in bettering tasks of the day to day input and inner harmony based on work-culture satisfaction are extremly valuable qualities in the development of any individual. These we foster as the way of life at school.

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