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Myths and Miracles: Popular stories in Indian Art for Kids

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national Museum, Hauz Khas, Delhi and NCR (Outside Main Entrance, National Museum)

Sub-Locality: Hauz Khas India
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The aim of the art walk I host via SeekSherpa is to acquaint all the kids with the various myths and legends from historical texts and popular culture and demonstrate how they translate into art.

If you're one of those who looks at sculptures and wonders why they are the way they are -- why is Shiva's neck blue, or why Vishnu wears a crown, then this walk is for you.

Understanding history and mythology could be difficult, specially for kids. Send your kids to an amazing journey through time with me, where I tell them some of the most interesting mythological stories and legends of our folklore, through looking at some chosen artworks on our walk.

I'm a BA in History From St. Stephens, Delhi University and subsequently a Masters in the Study of Religions at SOAS, University of London. I did a second Masters in Asian Art (Indian and Islamic) also at SOAS. Having worked in the field I offer in-depth knowledge about my subject area.

Whether it is for the love of art, or for the love of a good story, Send your kids to this SeekSherpa art walk and find out what's really going on in that artwork you see and incite their interest in history and culture with practical knowledge.

2 Hours


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