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Introductory Class for Coding/Gaming

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19/77 West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi and NCR (Near Mothers Pride School)

Sub-Locality: Punjabi Bagh India
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KidsLove2Code - Introduction To The Magical World Of Coding And Game Making ©2016 KidsLove2Code.in


And we invite all parents to Petunia’s World, Punjabi Bagh, coming Thursday, for an introductory session with the KidsLove2Code team and view some of the games created by young kids who have gone through this program.

Coding is not just a skill but an essential Life Skill for our kids.
Worldwide, efforts are being made in different countries to teach their kids how to code.
In the UK ( England ) , coding has been made compulsory in schools now for all kids above age of 5.
In the USA, even President Obama is involved in this initiative of promoting coding amongst kids.

Now, KidsLove2Code has brought the same programs which were till now available only to parents living in the United States to India, in the form of its “ Learn While Having Fun” - Coding Bootcamps this summer too.

Program Name : Introduction To The Magical World Of Coding And Game Making
Need For This Course : Kids Love To Play…
Are you worried about your child spending his time playing games on mobile :(
Don't Worry
Teach Him How to Code and create his own games instead this summer..
He will always thank you for this gift !
Coding is not being taught by 99.99% schools and even where its being taught, either the program is very slow or boring or difficult due to which kids lose interest.
Our programs are designed to make coding fun and encourage kids to take up coding in future.

Who should take this course : This course can be taken by any kids in the age of 6 to 60+ as it introduces them to the magical world of coding in a simple and fun manner. This course is going to be your launchpad to coding greatness in future.

Fun Facts :
*Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook - Started Coding At The Age of 8
*Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft - Started Coding At The Age of 13
Your Child could be next…

Other Facts :
*Many countries across the globe including UK have made it compulsory for coding to be taught to school kids from an early age of 5.

What makes it unique : Carefully designed curriculum with focus on the following theme “ Coding Is Fun “, this course takes the child on a magical ride. Kids as well as people of any age who want to learn coding can take part in this program and learn coding in a simple manner, which is easily understood by all.

Target audience : is kids aged 6+ but anyone learning coding for the first time is suggested to take this program. Even younger kids can benefit from this program but it would require their parents to sit with them during the lectures and help them out.

Program Duration : 18 Hours divided over 6 days.

Prerequisites : There are no prerequisites for this course. Child should be able to read basic words, hence we suggest minimum age to be 6 but parental supervision in case of kids between age 4 to 5

Outcomes of This Course : After completing the course, a learner would have attained complete grasp of the basic concepts of programming as well as game making. He/She would be in a position to use computers to bring to life any basic creative game or application that he can think about and also be ready to move on to the next level of the program involving advanced programming and game making techniques. In short, your young one would be a little programmer / coder after going through this program.

About KidsLove2Code:

KidsLove2Code is the brainchild of husband wife entreprenur couple of Puja and Rajan Arora.
Their vision is to bridge the divide of creative and IT skills/education presently existing between kids living in India and kids living in countries like USA and UK.

They are also the founders of India's leading portal connecting parents and schools, www.SchoolAdmissions.in, which is backed by 500Startups (Mountain View, California based Venture Fund) as well as the Indian Angel Network.

Started 2 years ago as an experiment after they came back from Silicon Valley, it is now recognized as the pioneer in this initiative of teaching Coding To Kids in India and has partnered with premier events like “The Indian Science Festival by Hindustan Times”, Krackerjack Carnival and has also run free camps for underprivileged kids.
*KidsLove2Code, based out of Delhi NCR is India’s first initiative to make coding fun for kids.
*More than 1000 kids trained in our offline programs just in Delhi/NCR alone in the past 2 years.
*Parents and Kids love our programs.
*A passionate team of engineers that loves teaching kids.
*Our youngest students have been 4 years old twin brothers, who did great and surprised everyone.
*Registrations are now open for 2016 Summer Camps in Delhi NCR as well as online.


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