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Coding Classes for Kids

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22 A, Lajpat Nagar 4, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi and NCR (Near Korean Cultural Center)

Sub-Locality: Lajpat Nagar India
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New batches start every Monday. Classes will be held for 3 week- 2 hours each. Weekend batches also available.Limited slots available- register now!
Are you worried about your child spending his time playing games on mobile.Don't Worry, teach Him How to Code and create his own games.He will always thank you for this gift !

Coding is not being taught by 99.99% schools and even where its being taught, either the program is very slow or boring or difficult due to which kids lose interest.

Our programs are designed to make coding fun and encourage kids to take up coding in future.Many countries across the globe including UK have made it compulsory for coding to be taught to school kids from an early age of 5.

Kids will be taught how to code, u make video games, they'll be creating 5 wonderful games out of which 3 games would be taught by us, while the remaining 2 would be developed by kids themselves while discussing ideas, using design elements, critical analysis, logical thinking, reasoning, math and problem solving concepts.

Teaching your child how to code and make games when they are still young is important because kids have an easier time learning skills than adults do – their minds are flexible and open, and learning code is like learning a language, far easier when you are young.

Designing their own games can be a really enriching and fun-filled activity for your kid. Learning how to code is also going to help your children develop fluidity in their thinking. Coding is sequential – it’s telling a story, where you need to know what to write and why one thing follows the other in a particular order. If you want your child to be a thinker and innovator who can bring ideas to life, encourage him or her to learn how to program. Programming gives children confidence that they can be designers and builders!

In an era of increasingly fast technological innovation and change, there is a growing necessity for people not only to know how to use the connected world (being anything from computers, programmable devices, drones, the IoT etc etc), but also to understand how to utilise all of these things in new, innovative, untested and unusual ways. With this new necessity in mind, coding should become as basic as reading and writing, and be treated as such in school curriculum the world over.

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