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No.235, F Block, Htp Road, Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore (Opposite Cauvery School, Next To SBI Bank)

Sub-Locality: Sahakara Nagar India
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Classes Frequency:  2 Classes/Week
Teacher-Student ratio:  1:16
Registration fee:  0
Course fee:  1200/Month


Saturday   :  03:00 PM-04:00 PM
Sunday   :  08:00 PM-09:00 PM


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This is craniosacral_flow • A gentle treatment with a broad range of effects • Enhances the power of Self-Healing • Deep Relaxation for body - mind - soul Cranial Osteopathy / Therapy was pioneered by American Osteopath W. G. Sutherland between 1900-1954 and was further developed by R.E. Becker and others. About 25 years ago, Craniosacral Therapy was introduced to a wider public by J.E. Upledger und other skilled professionals. Ever since, the method has been continuously developed and refined. craniosacral_flow® is the training offered by the Sphinx-Craniosacral-Institute. Behandlung The Craniosacral System encompasses the skull (cranium), the spine and sacrum on an outer level, giving Craniosacral therapy its name. On an inner level the system contains the dural envelope of our central nervous system and the rhythmically moving cerebrospinal fluid (liquor cerebrospinalis). The Craniosacral Rhythm Is an expression of the breath of life with 6-12 cycles per minute and can benefit throughout the whole body. Its rhythm is slower than respiratory breathing. A balanced craniosacral rhythm and the free flow of other slower rhythms often lead to pleasant relaxation. With the breath of life expressing itself freely, it has the power and inherent intelligence to harmonize the different systems of the body in subtle ways. It has a self-regulating effect all the way down to cellular level. Behandlung The gentle treatment of craniosacral_flow® stimulates self-healing By working on the connective tissues, skull bones, meningeal and spinal dura, and harmonizing the slower body rhythms and fluids, self-healing is enhanced. With specific techniques and a gentle touch on the head of only 3-5 grams, self-regulation and regeneration are supported. craniosacral_flow® also incorporates the theory of craniosacral trauma-healing and the «social nervous system». Traumatic stress - evoked by accident, crash, fall, shock, surgery or birth - as well as chronic dysfunction can spontaneously dissolve from cellular memory. This gentle treatment is geared towards enabling solutions and revealing resources. craniosacral_flow® enhances the subtle awareness of the practitioner as well as teaching the client to be consciously aware of their body. Craniosacral self-treatment supports the treatment between sessions and enables practitioners to help themselves. Behandlung By strengthening the powers of self-healing self-healing and gently dissolving blockades craniosacral_flow® supports health. It may be recommennded in the following cases: - Asthma - Breathing difficulties - Depression - Dental problems, disorders of the jaw, grinding teeth (bruxism) - Digestional problems and indigestion - Exhaustion - Headache, migrane - Hearing disorders and tinnitus - High blood pressure - Hormonal disorders - Hyperactivity - Insomnia and other sleep disorders - Lack of concentration and learning disorders - Post-traumatic stress syndrom (PTSS) - Sensorymotor disorders - Shock, accident - Slipped vertebral disc, sciatic pain syndrome - Spasms - Stress After birth, in times of change and growth, and in palliative and terminal care

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