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The Urban Raga

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No.1.2nd Floor,, Sree Nivas Reddy Building, Whitefield, Bangalore (Kundanhalli Gate)

Sub-Locality: Whitefield India
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Classes Frequency:  1 Class/Week
Teacher-Student ratio:  1:15
Registration fee:  1000
Course fee:  1700/Month


Saturday   :  04:00 PM-08:00 PM


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Urban Raga believes that Music is a life-affirming process. This music affirms individual freedom of belief, strength of conviction, self-realization, harmony, and discovery. Music helps appear to be created to provoke anger, frustrate and intimidate, there are people who express themselves with the sheer intent to melt away tension, create self-awareness, fulfillment, serenity, peace of mind. Joy is one of those individuals. Whilst not meeting until 2008, Bidyut independently came to feel the same way about traditional teaching methods - ""there had to be a better way..."" Urban Raga was launched in August 2008 in several locations throughout Bangalore with the sole aim of creating awareness and interest of Indian & western music which is very much prevalent in this modern culture. Urban Raga’s exclusive teaching materials were revolutionary. One of the most innovative features of Urban Raga’s music lessons was the inclusion of movement activities into each lesson. A multi-sensory approach was developed which enabled children to be engaged in the music on many different levels, thereby making learning music easier and fun. Urban Raga is committed to spreading the joy of learning music through expanding its music school concept throughout India. Urban Raga has developed a series of music courses for the various age groups. Course materials are produced for each level of the Urban Raga curriculum. Learning with others in a small group is the most interesting and developmentally appropriate way for small children to learn. Urban Raga courses have been specifically designed for class tuition. The Urban Raga School of Music being unique of its kind to start a centre for Music at various locality and attracted many music lovers specially who has interest in music, has passion about music, wants to make Career in Music, wants to have hobby before or after their retirement, or wants to add some music in their life and also for parents who wants to give your child an opportunity to learn music particularly in Vocal, Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Classical Guitar, Violin, Mandolin and Drums. The Urban Raga School of Music expects the active support of all like-minded people to come forward to make our effort a reality in the interest of preserving meaningful music for the future generation. Why Study Music? One very important part of children's success in music is the parents' involvement. Sometimes the role of a parent is nothing more than to ensure time and space for the students to practice at home but in addition to this a never-ending stream of praise and encouragement is required. For the younger children, a mother or father who is actually in the lesson makes a big difference, as the student may need some help when practicing at home. As used above, the term, ""success"" refers to the state in which the student is happy and comfortable playing an instrument. The joy is passed on to others (by teaching or by performing), and the skills developed in music (due to having used the creative and technical sides of the brain) are transferable to many other aspects of life. HOW THE LESSONS WORKS The emphasis is on learning in a fun and instructive environment. Children are taught in small groups and receive 1 hour's tuition per week. Each child is provided with their own keyboard for the lessons, which take place after the school day or on Saturdays in local units and halls. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons in order to provide help and support for their children. YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CHILD LEARNING MUSIC Remember when you were a child... Music lessons were something to be endured rather than enjoyed. All those tedious scales and boring pieces to practice. Well, all that can be different now. Your child can love his or her lessons and truly enjoy learning music. A good teacher is so important Your teacher is specially chosen for their warmth, enthusiasm and ability to relate to children. They are so committed to being the best they can, they give some of their holiday time to attend Urban Raga teacher training seminars twice a year, to learn more. Not only that, but your classes are assessed regularly by skilled Urban Raga instructors who work with your teacher to further improve their teaching. That's the commitment Urban Raga teachers make to you! So... what changes can I expect to notice? In no time at all your child will be playing and enjoying all kinds of music. With the extra attention they will receive on developing listening skills, soon you'll notice your child will delight in working out songs they have heard. But from our side we will give all the efforts. Only we request you to monitor so that they can practice at home. Music builds concentration These comments from parents say it all... ""...(my child) has only been learning for 6 months but I have noticed he is able to sit and concentrate for longer periods now"" AND... ""His behavior has improved both at home and at preschool. His concentration is better and he's learning to read easily. Being able to master a song improves his self esteem which, of course affects everything else."" Music... a real confidence booster One of the greatest gifts we can have as individuals is a good level of self confidence or self esteem. Performing for others, is one of the best ways to improve self esteem. Benefit of Music Music lessons help develop reading and listening skills, and improve concentration levels. Studies have indicated that musical training provides positive stimulus to the parts of the brain involved in processing language and reasoning. With the extra attention they will receive on developing listening skills, soon you'll notice your child will delight in working out songs they have heard. You know, to many people, the language of music is a mystery but it need not be. Our courses are specially designed so your child will have a greater appreciation for and understanding of music. ""Practice Makes Perfect"" Music practice can be fun - what a big statement! Your child will have recordings to play along with at home, weekly home activity sheets and practice incentives making practice sessions more fun. You know, many parents have told us they can't keep their child away from the keyboard at home!

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