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Shalom Wellness

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No. 80/4-1, 1st Floor, Wheeler Road, Cox Town, Bangalore (Next to Pizza Corner )

Sub-Locality: Cox Town India
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Classes Frequency:  3 Classes/Week
Teacher-Student ratio:  1:8
Registration fee:  300
Course fee:  1400/Month


Monday   :  06:15 AM-07:20 AM
Tuesday   :  06:15 AM-07:20 AM
Wednesday   :  06:15 AM-07:20 AM
Thursday   :  06:15 AM-07:20 AM
Friday   :  06:15 AM-07:20 AM
Saturday   :  06:15 AM-07:20 AM | 09:00 AM-06:15 PM
Sunday   :  09:00 AM-06:15 PM


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Well-being is the basis of our Universe. There is only one source of goodness which is within each one of us. We call it by different names – Energy Source, God-Force, Life force, Soul, Spirit, Inner Being. This Source accepts us, appreciates us, and wants our highest good. It surprises and delights us, and above all it loves us unconditionally. When we come into this world, we come for the sheer joy and experience, and with the intention of using the power within us to create a magnificent life. However, the environment that we’re born in, is so full of variety and contrast, that it tends to impose its fears and worries onto us. This often leads to negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotional baggage. As a consequence, we begin building resistance on various aspects, which in turn disrupts the subtle energies that course throughout our body. This imbalance in the body’s energy system results in mental, emotional and physical ill-health. The good news is, by tapping and tuning into the Power within us, through focus and attention, we can bring about energy balance, and allow well-being to flow to us. Join us on this co-creative journey of aligning with our energies, to experience joy, freedom and growth! Shalom Wellness empowers individuals on their journey towards experiencing more… Strong in its belief that every individual is unique, special, and has incredible power, Shalom Wellness’ vision is ‘to be a rainbow of joy that inspires wellness for everyday living.’ Its experiential approach to personal growth makes it the ‘how-to’ place to go to, to bring about a balance in body, mind and spirit as one learns to create better life experiences for oneself. Services range from experiential workshops and life coaching, to therapies and physical workout that bring about awareness, reflection, inspired action and positive change. Adults and children from all walks of life, focused groups, educational institutions, organizations and corporate teams, make up their realm of co-creators. John Gonsalves John has always marveled about life. He believes there’s more to life than meets the eye. He is constantly exploring the unfolding of life, looking at every experience as an opportunity to evolve and grow. This led him to pursue an M. Phil., specializing in inter-subjective relationships. He delights in the growth of individuals, which is evidenced in his involvement with communities, providing value education, leadership and personal growth programs. His experience of two decades includes teaching, general management and organizational support, with educational institutions, NGOs and charitable organizations. This continuous journey of expansion and growth, and empowering others has inspired him to be trained and certified as a Yoga Teacher, Massage and Acupressure Therapist. In all of this, he still creates time to enjoy the rhythm of his guitar, keyboard and trumpet, as well as reading, meditation and the outdoors. Yolanda Gonsalves A day dreamer by nature, Yolanda believes that life is a gift to be enjoyed, not a problem to be solved. She appreciates the variety and contrast that life offers, and credits some of her most valued lessons of life to two decades in different segments of the corporate world, and over 10000 hours of training and coaching. Her ability to connect with people, helped her enjoy her career, bringing out the best in people, effecting change and achieving positive outcomes. Her focus on making choices, and then making it the right choice, saw her career progress from support functions, to management, and ultimately to being her own boss. Her desire to become more, finding balance and harmony with her total self, guided her to pursue a Masters degree in Counseling. As a Counselor, certified Life Coach and Corporate Trainer, Yolanda integrates life’s lessons with these skills, to empower individuals on this joyous journey of life. She keeps herself tuned-in with her culinary skills and her love for music, gardening and inspirational books
Frequency of class: 3 class Yoga, 1 Class Meditation
Duration: 1hr-Yoga, 3 hrs-Meditation
Duration & Days: Mon-Wed-Fri/Tue-Thu-Sat-Yoga, 3 hr Prog once Meditation
6:15AM, 7:20AM-Yoga,, 9am, 6:15pm Sat-Sun 3 hours slots in Morning & evening
Fee: INR 4200/- 3 months Yoga
Fee: Meditation Level-1 INR 4000/-, Level-2 INR 6000/-

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