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Sadhana Music School

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# 62, 3rd Main, Jaya Nagar 8th Block, Bangalore

Sub-Locality: Jaya Nagar 8th Block India
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Classes Frequency:  3 Classes/Week
Teacher-Student ratio:  1:15
Registration fee:  0
Course fee:  2000/Month


Monday   :  04:30 PM-08:00 PM
Tuesday   :  04:30 PM-08:00 PM
Wednesday   :  04:30 PM-08:00 PM
Thursday   :  04:30 PM-08:00 PM
Friday   :  04:30 PM-08:00 PM


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Sadhana broadly means achievement, it also means total dedication in the realm of music. That explains the name of our school. ‘Without Sadhana there is no achievement’. Teaching music in the name of Sadhana itself is a great achievement. Our school provides an environment and program which brings together people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and financial circumstances in joyful and enriching opportunities for music and other disciplines. That also explains why this institution is the only one of its kind in entire Karnataka. Manjula Gururaj a front line playback singer in kannada films and her husband Gururaj started Manjula Gururaj’s Sadhana Music School on june 21, 1991, which was inaugurated by the famed playback singer, S.Janaki at Basavanagudi. Ever since it came into being Sadhana music school has made its presence felt all over Karnataka. Now MANJULA GURURAJ is the sole owner/propretrix of Manjula Gururaj’s Sadhana Music School. Sadhana with its dedicated scientific and vigorous methods of training in all facets of musical art the school gained so much popularity which created a rise in demand in turn leading to the opening of two more branches one in malleswaram and the other in Jayanagar. Malleswaram branch was inaugurated by renowned playback singer sri yesudas and ribbons of Jayanagar branch was cut by the most popular melodious voice of India Smt. Vani jairam. With continued commitment in training, the demand continues to be unabated. SMS holds classes twice a week for all disciplines in three branches, i.e., in MALLESWARAM, BASAVANAGUDI and in JAYANAGAR, BANGALORE. Light music has always been Sadhana’s forte. This form of music isn’t certainly flippant, and, in fact Sadhana can proudly claim that it has elevated the status of this genre of music by a few notches. Karaoke singing or sing along: With the never-ending development in technology, the way of singing with tracks has been the most difficult and most enjoyable form of singing in recent years. Karaoke singing which enables people to sing along with a pre-recorded track is a challenge on its own these days. SMS has mastered the art of teaching people to sing with karaoke. It’s a dream come true for people to learn this and perfect the art. The school also treasures a large database of tracks of hundreds of songs, which are used in class for training. Sadhana, of course, has grown in stages. It has already proved its credentials and attracted the attention of the topmost celebrities in the field of light and film music in the country. It is now for the czars of the cultural world to ensure its multi-hued growth and development. Sadhana waits eagerly for another exciting era of achievement. The school is considered among the most prestigious music institutions in the Music world of karnataka. Uphold uncompromising standards of musical excellence . * Provide an expert faculty for all of our students * Offer programs which provide our students with opportunities to engage with the world of Music in new ways . * Help each student realize his or her individual potential * training each student to a wide range of musical techniques – encouraging creativity and performance. How do you prepare musicians/singers to make a difference in the world? Ask them to be great. Provide them with the most rigorous education. Hold students of all ages to the highest standards of uncompromising excellence. Inspire them to be artists who can move hearts, enlighten minds, cross boundaries and bridge divides. Show them how exceptional musicians must also be exceptional human beings Then ask them to be leaders. Motivate them to walk not just the well-trod paths but to blaze new ones, forging opportunities for themselves and others as they go. Provoke them, as they’re learning and refining musical skills, to consider where those skills can take them. Nurture collaboration, since great leaders must also be great listeners. At many a times Focus purely on music where, even in the absence of a teacher, students must assume the responsibility for finding their own voices. Instil an entrepreneurial spirit and build critical thinking skills in students to match their musical abilities. Teach them how to start a slow movement one day, to launch a concert series the next and to perform in concert halls or in any nation wide competition, and anywhere they can find a hungry audience. Inspire students at every level to dream of how their music can transform their lives and the lives of others. Help them to articulate their dreams and then put them into practice. Create partnerships with businesses, schools and neighbours where students can test their ideas in the real world. Create an environment for incubation—a place where great singers/musicians and great ideas can be cultivated. Make it a diverse place where difference can broaden minds and enlarge perspectives. Prize collaboration and creativity as highly as musical prowess. Encourage every student to ask their peers—-“How can I help you achieve your dreams?” This is how the Manjula Gururaj’s Sadhana Music School will prepare singers/musicians to make a difference in the world: by establishing a new model for music education. An education that teaches students of all ages to be extraordinary singers/musicians and human beings, while challenging them to find new ways to change the world through music. This is our dream. This is our vision.
**Fee; INR 1500/- to 2000/- per month

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