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Arya Samaj Mandir

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No.7, Cmh Main Road, Indira Nagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore (Under Metro Station)

Sub-Locality: Indira Nagar 2nd Stage India
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Classes Frequency:  2 Classes/Week
Teacher-Student ratio:  1:8
Registration fee:  0
Course fee:  1500/Month


Saturday   :  10:00 AM-05:00 PM
Sunday   :  10:00 AM-05:00 PM


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Arya Samaj is a spiritual way of living with a universal message of peace and happiness. Its ethos is captured in its ten guiding principles based on Vedic teachings that point to a better living. Arya Samaj is a global phenomenon that attracts the young and old alike, sometimes from other religions, for its simple, logical and contemporary thinking on God, spirituality and values of life. It finds resonance with educated, middle-class professionals as it revolts against the horrors of organised religion. Arya Samaj promotes true Indian culture and national spirit; instilling feelings of pride and patriotism for country. Arya Samaj was founded on April 7th, 1875 at Bombay, India, by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. The purpose was to move the Hindu Dharma away from all the fictitious beliefs, and go back to the teachings of Vedas. Arya Samaj rejects all forms of ritualistic superstition such as idolatry, ancestor worship, pilgrimage and animal sacrifice, as well as all forms of social oppression such as the caste system, untouchability and child labor. It proclaims equal entitlement under the law between men and women, strives to reduce poverty and to protect the weak and the disadvantaged, denounces the consumption of meat as well as the use of intoxicants and recreational drugs, and promotes healthy community, family and private life in tune with the cycles of nature. The Arya Samaj stresses the universal and comprehensive nature of Vedic Knowledge and it's capacity to rejuvenate and redeem a troubled and wearied humanity. This capacity rests above all else in it's emphasis upon the correct understanding and worship of the one true God, who is the Supreme personification of Existence, Intelligence and Bliss. Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in response to the negatives of organised religion and its emphasis on rituals. Swami Dayanand enlightened the masses against idol worship, superstition, irrational behaviour as ordained by temple priests and other vested interests. He propagated universal brotherhood based on Vedic teachings in their true essence Arya Samaj can be your emotional anchor during these tumultuous and uncertain times of economic blight, disease, strife and terrorism. Arya Samaj provides a moral, ethical and spiritual framework, based on the Vedas, that delivers peace and happiness to the individual, family and society. Arya Samaj is a liberal way of living, allowing an individual considerable freedom in thought, word and deed, yet is an antidote to angst, anguish and loneliness. Arya Samaj provides a sense of community and support so essential to urban nuclear families where traditional support systems have collapsed. Arya Samaj activities include a simple regimen of havan, bhajans, discourses and meditation, based on the Vedas, that can be applied in daily life and keep you aligned. Arya Samaj is more relevant than ever to the new-age generation-next as it is a personal practice and self-development therapy, and not rigid dogma. Arya Samaj resolves your inner conflicts - mental, emotional, spiritual - and unlocks your hitherto hidden potential. Arya Samaj is a panacea for the social upheavals that modern society is currently witnessing with fluctuating fortunes and a general sense of drifting. Arya Samaj provides moral and spiritual sustenance to those exhausted from the travails of life or battling the hollowness of it all.

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