Learning Fun? Isn’t that an oxymoron? And in the holidays? Double oxymoron!

No. It’s true. This year my teenager is going back to school much wiser and well-informed, thanks to the holiday learning worksheets from Learning 360.

Every year, since she entered the first grade, I would scour the markets and the Internet for learning material that would keep her bright young mind engaged, but was invariably disappointed. Imagine my delight when this year I discovered the wonders of Learning360!

My teenager was initially reluctant, as most kids are, but once she started going through them, she was hooked! In fact, so attractive were the worksheets that she downloaded ALL of them, right from class 1, to pass on to her younger cousins, big Didi that she is!

Actually, I’ll let her tell you about them. Over to her:

“Hi! Mom has asked me not to put in any names, so, I’ll just tell you that I’m a student of class 8 in one of Delhi’s best schools. And we have great teachers and all, but studies are studies after all! Oh, how I used to hate it as a kid when mom used to compile a stack of worksheets every summer vacation. I would keep dodging, and do as few of them as I could get away with. In fact, my cousins would sometimes ‘help’ me by hiding some of the assignments and pretending that the dog ate them!

Mom says she used to know what we were doing, but didn’t want to ruin our holidays by making a big deal out of it! I want to ask her, then why give me all those assignments at all?

Anyway, this year, as usual, she had this ‘holiday assignments’ fever as soon as the summer vacation started. But this time, it seemed she had come to know about this new ‘Learning 360’ thing. She created a login, opened the site on the laptop and handed it over to me. 

‘It’s high time you stopped feeding your assignments to the dog,’ she said solemnly, as my cousins burst into giggles, remembering that last year they had actually fed the dog some of the sheets. ‘He has better things to eat, and your assignment sheets won’t make him wise. Just print out one or two sheets from this site and do them.’ My cousins sidled away to the TV room, and feeling cornered, I navigated moodily to the Class 8 icon on the homepage and downloaded the sheets. 

‘Not too many,’ was my first thankful thought. Usually, I get handed a two-foot thick pile of stuff. And here were just a handful of nice-looking assignments covering all the subjects. In fact, if that was it for the entire holidays, it wasn’t at all tough. Maybe I’d do it this summer and surprise mom! 

I scanned through the sheets on the laptop screen. Hey! They were cool! Nicely presented, easy to understand, and so very interesting! In fact, they made me want to do them!

OK, stop! Do you want to do extra assignments in the holidays? Shut this down and go to bed. Your sanity will return by tomorrow!

But hey! What’s the harm in doing stuff if it’s as good as this, even if it is making you learn? And before I knew it, I was downloading all the assignments, right from class 1 to class 8, and giving the print command for each.

Ten minutes later I walked into the TV room and handed all the cousins assignment sets according to their classes. They stared at me, speechless with horror! ‘You sadistic fiend!’ cried the eldest.

However, I coaxed them all into doing just one. And very soon, we were all hooked! In fact, every afternoon, about half an hour was set aside for the Learning 360 worksheets. And the day we were through with all of them, we were actually sorry to come to the end of our fun afternoons!

And now I’m looking forward to starting school after vacations, full of so much learning that I might actually shock my teachers! Yay for Learning 360 Worksheets—they are simply the best way to learn!” 


So if your child runs away from homework or hates doing assignment then Learning360 is your ultimate savior.  Download your FREE worksheet here.