Kids these days discover and explore the world around them at an unbelievable pace. Sound, lights,colors, sense of smell are all part of this journey of exploration which helps them expand their horizons. At this time, it is very important to give the right learning tools to the kid, something that makes this learning fun as well as encourages their imagination. Are you helping your kid in this journey? We discovered a great solution for you - WonderBoxx!

WonderBoxx is a team of young parents, pedagogy experts, product designers, children's authors, and illustrators, who design theme-based, age-specific hands-on learning toolkits for kids and deliver them to your doorstep every month! Innovative as it sounds, it’s perfect to remove the hindrance of thinking about what toys to buy. They provide specific toys for kids that are of 1-8 years old.

WonderBoxx believes that ‘Play is the highest form of research’. Kids tend to discover the world through it. The phenomenon of playing builds their learning, curiosity, imagination, and fantasy, in other words, it helps advance the kids’ mental processes, which is very important for growing minds. In every set, WonderBoxx delivers experimental items merged with skills, concepts and knowledge.


They have divided their subscription plan into 3 age categories according to the age group.



Every month they pick a theme such as robots, water science, birds, emotions, numbers, etc, and create hands-on toys, DIY activities, games and books around it which ensure that your child gets a meaningful, fun and learning experience. Allowing them to reduce spending time on gadgets and getting obsessed with them. Each box has 7-8 items, all for a considerable amount.


Check out a few images below:






Since the kits are developed by a team of parents, experts and renowned child authors. They have given emphasis on cognitive, motor, and social development in kids along with nurturing problem-solving skills, creativity, and imagination. With an aim to give children an out of the ordinary learning experience, parents don’t have to worry about their kids being mentally and socially unprepared. The kids are given an opportunity to enhance their skills in their own pace and time.


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