Why do we need an atlas when everyone has a smartphone with GPS?

Good question. But did you know that our brains have a specialized region just for navigating the spatial environment, or in everyday language, finding our way around’? This structure is called the ‘hippocampus’, or the map reader of the brain. The hippocampus helps us understand where we are, how we got to that particular place, and how to navigate to the next destination. 

And did you know that reading maps and developing navigational skills can affect the brain in beneficial ways? Using orientation and navigational skills like reading maps frequently creates ‘mental maps’ in the mind. These form more neural pathways and can actually cause the hippocampus and the brain to grow! 

In fact, scientists say that the more you rely on actual map reading, the more your brain expands. Conversely, excessive use of GPS and other ‘spoonfeeding navigation’ systems actually causes the hippocampus, and the spatial orientation abilities to shrink! How about that!

And what is the best source of maps? An Atlas, of course. And to think that we had started regarding the Atlas as an outdated, obsolete educational tool in the era of GPS! Never did we realize that all those Geography lessons using the Atlas were actually making our brains grow, and by limiting the use of maps and the Atlas, we are actually depriving our kids of an important avenue of mental growth!

Of course, the kids of today, with their high levels of exposure to avant-garde technology, might find it a little difficult to identify with the traditional format Atlas. But hey! There’s a win-win solution for that: The Harper Collins Atlas!

The HarperCollins New World Atlas provides a unique view of the Earth through a mind-blowing collection of maps, images, and information. Created from the renowned Bartholomew cartography database, the world authority in terms of comprehensive and accurate coverage of the world, these maps are both user-friendly and highly reliable.

The innovative HarperCollins New World Atlas offers:

·         A wide range of satellite imagery and aerial photography

·         An exciting, highly visual presentation of topical geographical themes

·         Unique 3-D terrain models of each continent

·         Extensive cross-referencing throughout the book

·         A complete index of more than 80,000 place names

·         New gazetteer-style index entries for selected places and features

·         Detailed information on all states and territories of the world

·         Key facts and statistics for every continent


So, what are you waiting for? Go for it! Your kids need it!

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