As parents, we have many resources to support us through the journey of parenthood, such as forums to discuss our issues, support groups to help us through each phase, and books filled with creative ideas to manage it all. However, when one parent makes the choice to stay at home and look after children, it falls on the other to ensure that the current standard of living is maintained. This leads to a stressful work-life balance that can often get out of whack. Here we have some tips and suggestions for the parents who work full time.

Leave Work Early Once A Week

 Easier said than done! However, make an effort to leave work early at least once in a while. Plan some activity with your kid, like going out to watch a movie or dinner that day- just you and your child.

Weekends Are For Family

 Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, come back home over the weekend and put those phones on silent. Let it be clear to those around you that your weekends are for your family, and that no work discussion should extend beyond ten minutes over the phone. Schedule an activity or workshop with your family. Check out our events section, which has updates on the most suitable events for you. 

Find Your Own Rhythm

 When we talk about work-life balance, we could throw quite a few tips your way. However, it really is up to you to find out what works for you and your family. We’d say go to work late on a Friday, but what’s the point if one parent is already off at work and the kids are off to school early? For some families, weekend vacations once a month work best while others seem to crave some amount of family time every other day. So, find what works best for you, given your professional commitments.

Never Drop The Crystals

This applies to every human being on the planet. You can afford to miss one of many school events, but never miss a birth, birthday, anniversary or convocation. These are life’s crystal moments- they come around very rarely and you’d really regret missing them. 

A Good Work-Life Balance Leads To Better Productivity

When we speak of life outside of work, we usually talk of family. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten that you need some me-time too! Whenever you get the opportunity, unwind in your own way. Whether you spend that precious time reading books, watching a movie or playing golf - enjoy it to the fullest. When you do get back to work, you’ll see that you’re able to accomplish so much more, and when you get back to your family, you’ll be more enjoyable to be around!


Keep in mind that work is only going to be a part of the many roles you will be playing in your life. Make sure you don’t miss out on living, in an attempt to provide the best for everyone around you.