Stress is usually associated with adults but have you thought for a moment that kids too can suffer from it? There is so much competition that kids have to deal with and so many expectations from them that  they too are victims of stress. The sad part is that quite often it goes unnoticed by parents and kids themselves don’t realise it. The common reasons for stress can be related to school work, peer pressure or stress at home.


How To Know If Your Child Is Stressed?

It’s tough for parents to figure out if kids are stressed. These pointers will be helpful to figure out if your kid is stressed.

1. If the child shows mood swings, has irregular sleep patterns, is too complaining about every matter or avoids friends then that’s a sign of negative behaviour which should be watched out.

2. Physical symptoms like a headache, stomach ache and fatigue are also signs of a stressed child.

3. If the child suddenly shows a poor academic performance in subjects that he was good in, then this too is a sign of stress.

4. If the kid avoids social contacts, family, likes to be in too much seclusion or shows any kind of eating disorder, then these are certainly signs of major stress problems.


Role Of Parents In Managing Kids’ Stress 

Parents have a very important role to play in ensuring that the kids remain stress-free. Here are few tips on how they can deal with the situation.

1. Before you take any remedial action for making your kids stress free, watch out if you are stressed out yourself. Your behaviour affects your child a lot. If the child sees parents arguing with each other and disharmony in the house then that is sure to affect him negatively.

2. Be open to dialogue with your kid. Listen to his problems and find time for him. This makes him look up to you when he is distressed.

3. It’s very important to spend time with kids every day. Make time every day to give the kid your undivided attention so that the parent-child bond becomes stronger.

4. If we have too many expectations from the kid and want him to excel in academics and extra-curricular activities, then that builds too much pressure on the kid and it can become a cause of stress. If you feel that your child needs assistance to perform better in academics, you can find qualified tutors in Delhi/NCR to provide them with necessary assistance. We should remember that no one is perfect and each person has his strengths and weaknesses.