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There is a new quiz doing rounds on Facebook and it is challenging your eyesight. You heard it right. It is a color perception quiz by the name of KuKu Kube and it has people all over the world competing to achieve a higher score.

Here is how it starts. You have to choose a block with a different color hue.

                                                                                             KuKu Kube

Seems really easy right? Here is the catch. As you select the correct squares, the difficulty of the game increases.
Increasing number of blocks with gradually decreasing difference in the hue makes it very difficult to identify the correct block.

Also, did we forget to mention - the total time limit is 60 seconds!

                                                                                              KuKu Kube

There are eight different levels that give you an eyesight score in the end.
11-15 : Extremely Bad Eyesight
15-20 : Lower Than Average
21-30 : Normal Eyesight
Over 31 : Amazing Eyesight

There are people all over the world sharing their scores right now and it is being labeled as the world's most interesting eye test.






We got a normal 25 on our first attempt. How much did you score? Share in the comments below.

Play Kuke Kube Here

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