A few days back, I was approached by a mother looking for dance classes for her 10-year-old daughter. She was pleasant to talk to and as we chatted, she told me how the mother –daughter duo were crazy about  dance. The only problem – they were divided in their opinion of which dance form should Sia, her daughter start learning.

As a general rule, I usually counsel parents to let the kids find the passion their own way, by exploring new skills, making mistakes and then realizing their calling. Hence, I advised the same to Sia’s mother. I recommended an academy which has experienced teachers in all dance forms and would be able to guide Sia to find her passion – Amrapaali Kala Peeth. The academy is located in Dwarka Sector 8 and has produced some amazing talent in the past.

Amrapaali Kala Peeth was established in 2012 under the guidance of Vinita Shrivastava. It provides a platform for students to enhance their skills in vocals, dance, and on instruments. 

The recommendation worked out better than I hoped and her mother called me back to tell how happy she was watching Sia enjoy the various forms of dance. I decided to do a bit more research on the academy and here are my 5 reasons of why you should check out Amrapaali Kala Peeth if you stay in Dwarka. 

  1. Like other music academies, Amrapaali provides an opportunity for your kids to build up their skills and give them a chance to perform on stage. They organize seasonal events for students to perform. If your child wants to be an aspiring artist, whether it’s singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, stage exposure is really important. It helps them to build their confidence and drive away stage fright. 
  2. The academy is multidimensional. Apart from music and dance, it features aerobics and art&craft. So your child has a variety of options to choose from. Let them choose their desired skill. If they are confused and want to do more than 1 activity, then allow them to experiment with different activities. Each art form has a variety of options, not just one.  They’ll enjoy exploring their interests. 
  3. The academy itself focuses on encouraging the students to develop skills in their respective fields. They inspire them to learn more and empower them with creativity, guidance, love, and support. With a loving teaching facility, they have an enthusiastic environment, perfect for younglings to enjoy learning.
  4. If your kid wants to take up a skill in music or dance on a serious level, the academy conducts examinations, stimulating the students to realize their true potential. Keeping in mind that it’s their own choice, encourage them. However, don’t make them think they’re doing something unwillingly. Keep them motivated.
  5. The academy renders financial aid to deserving students in the form of fee waivers. They have a pick and drop facility if you’re facing a problem with transportation. In other words, they are willing to support your child and give them the best experience as possible. 


Some interesting facts about the faculty: Mrs. Veena Shrivastava is the winner of All India Classical & Folk Dance Competition awarded by "Community Development and Social Welfare Department" for Best Choreographer. She also received an award in India Theatre Olympiad for Dance & Play. 

Mr. Bhaskar Jha, part of the music faculty was a Gold medalist in Classical & Light Vocals at the National Youth Festival in 2003. He was also one of the Sa Re Ga Ma pa finalists in 2007. Selected among 1 Lakh participants, he represented Delhi in “Punjabi Please" contest organized by 92.7 fm in 2008.


Check out the academy and let us know if you agree in the comment section below.

About the author:

Mehul Jindal is our Activity Counsellor, she helps kids in finding their passion, to book a session you can send an email to info@kleverkid.in.