We’ve all had those moments of brain freeze when whatever we say comes out sounding utterly stupid. To make the matter worse, our kids consider it necessary to correct us in these times as loudly as possible. Sigh! You wonder from where is all this smartness coming from!


Let's dive into some of those relatable moments:


1. What did I do right bringing them up?




2. How did I become so stupid?




3.   Kids these days grow up too fast! They were in diapers just yesterday!




4.   Let me put this on social media! I’d love for their brilliance to be all over the internet so I can have people tell me how smart my children are!



5. Does she/ he need to see a doc? Is it too early to be talking like this?


6. Nah! I must’ve been just as smart at that age. It surely runs in the genes no? Or in the family somewhere?



Do you have any moment like these? Post it in the comments section below :)