The Indian government in every tenure promises to provide electricity in almost every part of the country. Even our present government under Narender Modi promises to light up 7,000 villages in India with electrical development.  Nevertheless, the dream of many villagers remains to be shattered. It was a distant aim which our developing country was focusing on since 69 years. And now in the 21st century when the young minds are really taking over the world, India locates another example of such success stories!

Education and innovations go together and are a blend of acknowledging great knowledge. The projects and assignments at times prove to be really beneficial for the students. The process of learning is an ongoing process. Few students of Bengaluru experimented with their assignment and succeeded in bridging a distant dream.

Sunny Arokia Swamy, Balachandra M Hegde, Kumara Swamy and Kotresh Veerapura, students at Bengaluru’s MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology decided to bring about a significant change with their determination to the lives of residents in the remote villages of Khangav and Ghatkunang, Karnataka.

Initially, they worked for the villages with a proper plan. And they wanted to install their systems where it was really required. The plan started by looking around the village areas, as Kotresh told to Bangalore Mirror, “We first decided to survey the villages”. As they travelled, they found several villages that not only lacked electric supply, but also proper roads. Following trails and mud roads, and finally, they reached the Western Ghats villages, just a couple of hours away from Goa. Quoting Sunny, “We started our journey to the dense forest region on February 5, this year. We had planned to survey the villages for at least two days. We witnessed the life there and interacted with the people. It was unbelievable that a service we take for granted has never found its way into this dense forest.” The teenagers with their will and hard work equipped these villages with solar powered lighting systems. These established new systems did not only light up the barren village land but it also lighted the hearts of these villagers! The four students in this era turned out to be Albert Einstein, with the help of whose innovation their world is glowing now.

Science and technology turned out to be a blessing for these areas of India, the households thanks to the efforts of these students. For the further venture, the group approached the official authorities. After the prototype was approved of, 20 such systems were constructed, and each system set cost coming up to 20,000. Last month, the systems were finally installed, each consisting of a 100Wp solar panel, 65Ah battery, 1 tube light and 3 bulbs.

The solar panels are equipped to light four sources for up to 48 hours. To install the systems, the students had to use a plain torch for lighting and manual drills. They then taught residents how to maintain the systems, and trained local electricians adequately as sustaining these systems will be a crucial step ahead.

Thus, the young engineers inspire their generation with hard work, intelligence and determination to build a bright future ahead for their country.


About the author:

Bani Simar Kaur is our blog writer, who is extremely passionate about gaining and exploring new paths of knowledge. She has a keen interest in understanding the Socio-Political structure of this country. Working for the Society and environmental issues are the key points of this aspiring successful women.