We send our children to the best schools, we think through every decision we make for them from what to say to their teachers to what theme to have for their birthdays. The greatest gift we can give our children is life lessons. As parents, we’re the best people in the world to teach our kids how to become well-rounded individuals. We’ve collected some pointers from rockstar parents for you.

Talking About Money vs. Avoiding The Topic:

Learning to save is best taught early. When you think they’re ready, tell them that this year they need to plan their own birthday party out within a specific budget- everything from finding vendors to deciding how big the birthday cake should be! Let them know that money is a by-product of hard work and spending is not the only path to happiness.

Screaming vs. Calm Disciplining:

Once over the age of two, children understand how we react to situations in public. If you let him have a temper tantrum in public and scream about it, he will believe  that wailing is a great way to get your attention. Instead of screaming back, let it go. Let the child know, calmly, that bad behaviour outside will not draw any attention from you. Watch them become calmer and more in control.

Pampering vs. Helping Around The House:

Invent a song for cleaning the house. Let them put their own toys away after playing,  let them hold the bag of leafy greens when grocery shopping, let them make the bed after waking up in the morning. Model the fact that a family always works together to maintain the house, and it is not only one person’s responsibility.

Lying vs. Telling The Truth:

The reason most kids are afraid of speaking the truth is because of the way we react to their truths. The truth is unpalatable at times but never let your child fear that they cannot share the truth with you. Instead of yelling at them when they tell the truth, develop a positive environment where they can freely and confidently share anything they want to without fear of reproach.

Not Taking Responsibility vs. Owning Up:

This is by far the most difficult lesson to teach: who really wants to take responsibility for bad things happening? As parents, it is hard for us to see our kids in a tight spot. But if you don’t let them take the heat for bullying their classmate or hurting someone else’s feelings, they’ll grow up to become bigger bullies. The first step towards helping them own up is to acknowledge that nobody's perfect- not us, and certainly not our kids.

So, there you have it. We’re sure that there are many more lessons to learn and implement before our little angels can become grown adults. We hope you get a good head start with these tips!