The news we hear and watch every day covers a wide range of topics, but what really stands out for me is the increasing frequency of globalized terror attacks. Paris, Dhaka, Brussels and now Nice. Wherever you look, you see scores of people being murdered, mutilated and shot down.

Bastille Day, celebrated this Thursday night, turned into quite a tragedy as scores of people were ploughed down by a large truck in Nice, France. This killing machine was responsible for the death of around 80 people. The death toll rose throughout the night.

"We cannot deny that it was a terror attack. The choice of the day -- Bastille Day, when France celebrates its post-French Revolution republic -- was particularly poignant," Hollande said in a national television address.

The driver first shot a gun into the crowd before driving two kilometres along the Promenade des Anglais, the main street in Nice, mowing down people who had gathered to watch fireworks, regional President Christian Estrosi told CNN affiliate BFM-TV. Police shot and killed the driver, said Pierre-Henry Brandet, a spokesman for the French Interior Ministry. Police found firearms, explosives and grenades in the truck, Estrosi said. The existing state of emergency was extended for three further months. Initially, it was put in place in the wake of the Paris attacks in November 2015 and due to expire later this month. Graphic television and video images showed the truck accelerating and tearing through the crowd, dozens of victims sprawled in its path, and the bullet-riddled windshield of the vehicle. Municipal officials and police officers initially described the truck as having been full of weapons and grenades, but those accounts had not been verified.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for this terror attack. Leaders across the globe have had a very strong response and have expressed their extreme disapproval of the terror attack. 

U.S. President Barack Obama issued a statement saying, "We stand in solidarity and partnership with France, our oldest ally, as they respond to and recover from this attack."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted: "Canadians are shocked by tonight's attack in Nice. Our sympathy is with the victims and our solidarity with the French people." Brazilian President Michel Temer tweeted: "It is regrettable that on the day [that] eternalized fraternity as the motto of the French people, an attack destroyed the lives of so many citizens. The United Nations condemned what termed as "barbaric and cowardly" terror attack in Nice.”

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi tweeted, "India shares the pain (and) stands firmly with our French sisters (and) brothers in this hour of immense sadness." 

The France attacks were truly an eye opener and we sincerely hope and pray for the souls who had to go through this devastating ordeal. As global citizens, we must do everything in our power to stop, eliminate and put an end to terrorism by joining our hands against it. 


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