Muskaan Chibber, a seventeen-year-old girl is a young, hardworking and self-motivated teen, who has started her own NGO called Nurture Nature. She started working in a community based environmental campaign in Australia called Clean up the World, which empowers communities from across the globe to clean up, fix and conserve their environment. She has constantly worked and shown support in various community-based organizations throughout her school years. 

Muskaan showed signs of maturity from an early age, as, when her friends were busy partying or trying to figure out their colleges, Muskaan Chibber explored herself and focused her energy on discovering her passion, which as it turned out was : helping others. She became a member of Clean up the world and started spreading awareness about environmental issues in Delhi, starting with her neighbours and friends and expanding from there. 

“It all began three years ago when I started working with an NGO called Samarpan, in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. This was soon after I started Class 10. I was working as a volunteer and was teaching kids of varying ages from underprivileged backgrounds. But the thought that there are many such children out there who are deprived of education because of lack of resources, was really saddening and that was when I decided that I will work for the society in some way or the other,” she says.

Muskaan lost her grandmother to cancer and instead of letting this affect her in a negative manner; she let this incident motivate her to work harder for cancer patients across the country. This led to the initiation of her NGO, called Nurture Nature and one of its main objectives are helping and generating awareness about cancer patients. Today, her organization has a core team of five members along with a large group of volunteers working on different schemes.

Nurture Nature is based on three premises:

Education : Nurture Nature visits slums in Azadpur and Wazirpur areas where they spread awareness about the importance of education among children and parents. Nurture Nature helps underprivileged children get registered in schools and provides funds. Currently, it has sponsored the education of over 20 children coming from different rural and semi-urban areas around Delhi. “The first child whom we helped in school registration was named Rahul. His story was such that it motivated other kids to join the school as well. Being the eldest son of the family, he has been the only earning member after his father’s death. This was why he had to give up his education. But we registered him in an open school and a weekly tutorial center, so he can get a good education while working and helping his family as well,” says Muskaan.


Cancer Awareness: Muskaan is in direct contact with the Indian Cancer Society and with their help she visits hospitals to meet cancer patients, directly. She speaks and listens to cancer patients and shares their stories by creating a web of information, where people could understand the complexities which cause and lead to cancer. Nurture Nature directs underprivileged cancer patients to hospitals where they will be treated for free. The NGO tries to help patients with the cost of medicines, whenever it is feasible.


Environment: Since Muskaan had initially started working in this sector, she wanted to continue working here to generate awareness about the problems concerning the environment.  She has consistently been working on this project and her team organizes cleanliness drives across the city, which focus on educating people about the importance of clean surroundings. They hold charity events where people can contribute, and the money which is collected is used to conduct more cleanliness drives in the city.

Muskaan is planning to pursue her higher education in the USA, where she will be working on expanding this project. We salute the effort that leaders like Muskaan are putting in to make this world a better place. 

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