In 2007, Aamir Khan showed us how to bring out the best in kids in Taare Zameen Par. Yesterday, we met the real life Nikumbh Sir - Dr. Anupama Sethi. Dr. Sethi has been helping kids from 1993 to achieve their full potential in life. Here is an introduction to what EmpowerKidz is all about.

“The philosophy of education revolves around the belief that everyone has the inherent capacity to be what they want to be when they are provided with the opportunity to learn in the manner best suited to their individual strengths. What we need is a new paradigm in education where all means all”, says, Dr. Anupama Sethi. 

We met Dr. Sethi, at her Noida center where she focuses on raising awareness about hidden problems of the younglings in India. She has a strong desire to provide quality service under one roof for students struggling in school for any reason. 

Here are the excerpts from our chat with Dr. Sethi. She truly sets an example for a lot of people and proves that hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.


Welcome To The World Of EmpowerKidz

EmpowerKidz is a multi-disciplinary learning enhancement center dedicated to children with learning disabilities, dyslexia, slow learning skills, ADD/ADHD and/or moderate autism.

EmpowerKidz tries to provide answers to “why” a student is not learning efficiently and successfully by going beyond academics and tutoring. Dr. Sethi develops their foundation for learning that leads to lifelong learning success. Their programs work on building and enriching the basic cognitive skills along with the Perceptual Motor Training Programs to train the brain and body in a holistic integrated approach. This makes learning enjoyable and academics more meaningful for the children.


Dr. Sethi’s Inspiration

Dr. Sethi said that she always enjoyed working with young children. Her interactions with some expert professionals in the area of education like Dr. R Muralidharan, Dr. Veintia Kaul, Dr. N K Jangira, Dr. Anupam Ahuja, and Dr. Anjum Sibia helped her learn and understand the various perspectives of educational research. Once she started researching and exploring more and more about learning disabilities, it kept inspiring her to go deeper and deeper. She was curious to know how some children with average to above average intelligence, still struggle in schools.  She did not want to do charity or some kind of social work. She just wanted to help.


This Is How EmpowerKidz Can Change Your Kids Life Today

EmpowerKidz Learning Centre runs the following programs:


a)   Morning Special School:

Empowerkidz morning special school is for 3-12-year-old children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Slow Learners, Delayed Developmental Milestones along with Learning Disabilities and dyslexia.

Their key Curriculum Areas are Readiness Skills for the school learning, experiences in Practical Life, Sensorial Enrichment, Language Development (English and Hindi), Math, and Environmental Sciences. They provide therapy sessions like Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration and Speech Therapy along with Behavior Modification.


b)   After School Learning Center:


EmpowerKidz gives out assessments for improving the core cognitive skills like body balance, sequencing, and exercises to follow auditory instructions of their students by using the Structure of intellect theory of intelligence based tests to identify 26 abilities and skills to create a learning profile for the person.

Educational Intervention

As the child show signs of improvement with their brain training program they introduce multi-sensory educational intervention program to their students depending on the learning abilities and styles. Their Educational Intervention Programs are based on the following Orton-Gillingham programs:

a)         Wilson Reading Program

b)         Hill Spring Reading Program

c)         Explode the Code

d)         Primary Phonics

e)         Fast Forward Reading Program


Out of difficulties, grow miracles

One of her students was in grade 6th when she started teaching him. He had dyslexia and other related issues. His parents were very supportive and accepted that their kid needed a mentor. Their complete trust and faith on Dr. Sethi’s teaching helped the child show amazing progress in a very traditional school of Delhi and helped in pass his 10th grade with flying colors. Dr. Sethi worked as hard as the child in achieving this success and more. He went ahead and completed his schooling and joined DU for his graduation. Post-graduation, he completed a diploma in journalism and mass communication and has been working for the past 7 years with an event management company. Dr. Sethi says, it made her proud to see him grow from a young boy with low self-esteem and poor self-confidence to a grown-up man holding his head high with confidence in the community.


Author Profile:

Dr. Anupma Sethi, is the founder Executive Director of EmpowerKidz, a multi-disciplinary learning enhancement center dedicated to children with learning disabilities, dyslexia, slow learning skills, ADD/ADHD and/or moderate autism. She has been working with children with a wide spectrum of special education needs for more than twenty years and has experimented with research based new developments in the area of education and the science of teaching.


Dr. Sethi is an inspiration to all of us. At KleverKid, we value learning and we encourage learning. We believe every kid deserves the Best. Click here  to schedule a visit to EmpowerKidz.