Well, who doesn’t like to get compliments? Post a baby, however, looking good tends to take a back seat. Between feeding the baby at odd hours, to diaper changing to hardly sleeping, it’s a hard journey for a new mom. At one point post delivery, my tummy looked so flabby that somebody joked on when I was having my next baby. I smiled on the outside but something deep inside me snapped. Today, one year post the delivery of my second baby, I have not only managed to lose the extra weight but have managed to go back to weighing as much as I did in college! My secret… Use mommyhood as a way to keep yourself fit. Not making sense? Read on and learn more.

1. Breastfeeding

I never did realise the wonder of breastfeeding until I did it. Apart from bonding and providing your baby with vital nutrients, it also helps you return to your pre pregnancy weight faster. Breastfeeding is said to aid in contracting the uterus, thereby helping your abdomen return to normal sooner. It has got to be the most enjoyable workout, burning upto 300 calories a day.

2. Stay active

Children are a powerhouse of energy. Use this to your advantage to stay fit. Run behind the kids, climb stairs, jump on the skip rope with them, do action songs and dance. Apart from building a great bond with them, you will also get a good workout without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Eat healthy 

Eating healthy is a mantra that is good for everyone, kids included. Make it a way of life for all at home. Get rid of all the junk food and stock up on nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid tea and coffee and unnecessary sugar. Eat small meals through the day. Ensure that the last meal of the day is had, at least 2 hours before bedtime so that your body gets time to digest the food. Keep yourself well hydrated. Once all this becomes a habit, it won’t be that hard to maintain for a lifetime.

4. Be realistic

Learn to be practical in your weight loss attempt. It takes up to a year for most women to shed the extra kilos accumulated during pregnancy. Do not attempt crash diets to get rid of the flab overnight. It will do more harm than good in the long run.

5. Listen to your body

I believe that our bodies are forever talking to us. If you are feeling tired, take a power nap, it will refresh you. If you feel like suddenly having an ice cream, go ahead and have it. One cup won’t do too much harm. If you need some fresh air, just strap on your baby in a carrier or put him in a pram and go for a brisk walk. It will do you both a world of good.


These tips worked for me and I sure hope they work for you too. Put this on top of your list of New Year resolutions and keep at it. When people mistake you for a college girl you know who to thank.