The simple brilliance of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology ensures a safe passage for our children as they commute to and fro from school. This effective and affordable tracking system has been designed by students and professors at IIT Kharagpur who utilised radio wave technology to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to the student.

One may ask, what’s the need of this stringent protocol?

The answer lies in the nature of our surroundings. In a city where travelling just a mile in the wrong direction, can lead to imminent death or fatalities, we see and we feel the need of simple, a durable technology which can assist and possibly save our lives in a risky situation.

We understand the apprehensions of parents and we choose to address their concerns. For students who travel a long way to reach school, this tracking system will sooner or later become a necessity.

The idea behind an electronic tracking system is to provide a safe and a secure environment for our children to travel in. The overall system consists of a tag and a reader. The student identity cards will be tagged with RFID and RFID card readers will be installed in buses. Once the ID card is read, the student is identified in the database and a text message is sent to the child’s parents, informing them that their child has boarded the bus. A message will also be sent once the child gets off the bus. Additionally, a GPS device will be installed, enabling parents to track their children in real-time through Smartphone application. In a situation, where the bus halts suddenly or any other disturbance occurs, the police will be immediately informed.

This system was made after a detailed survey involving several parents and with inputs from the Kolkata Traffic Police. “We have collected data from more than 7,000 parents, primarily from South Point School and at St. Xavier’s and we identified where interventions are required. Safety and security come across as two key points,” said Bhargab Maitra, a professor at IIT Kharagpur. In order to address these issues, this system will begin work on a pilot basis at the South Point School in Kolkata in a couple of weeks.

This is indeed a step in the right direction, as safety and security of children have now become a major cause for concern.