Every parent wants their children to have a successful and stress-free career. They would do their best to nurture them so they’re independent and have a good amount of self-esteem. As a parent, you should know when to step in their matter and when to give them space. Here are 10 ways on how to make you child self-reliant:


1. Encourage Public Speaking

Encourage your child to speak up in class. Boost your child’s self-esteem and communication skills by asking them to join a debate team like MUN, which most schools provide, or you can ask them to take part in debate competitions. Motivate them to be active in class discussions. It is good to develop one’s ability to stand up for themselves in a group. It is important to learn the appropriate way to address a particular kind of audience.

2. Practice Negotiation

As kids grow up, they need to enhance their negotiation skills. It is an important skill in order to deal with social aspects. They need to learn about fair compromise and most importantly, negotiation with authoritative figures. For starters, try to have family discussions from time to time and involve your kids in the discussion. Allow them to speak their minds and try to negotiate with them.

3. Mould Time Management and Organizational Skills

Children have a tendency to imitate what they see, especially their parents. Keeping in mind that they are quick learners of actions, make sure you’re a good role model. Parents are the first role models for their kids, then we have teachers and so on. Become an organized parent. Use calendar planners, there are plenty of “To-Do” apps for your phone, use sticky notes to write your plans for the day and keep them in sight. Do it in a way so your kids can follow your path.

4. Upskill Self-Sufficiency

Boost your kid's confidence to do certain tasks on their own. Enable them to be self-sufficient. Later in life, they’ll have to  try to handle situations on their own with no requirement of external help. This is an important aspect of “independence”. Make them do tasks like cooking a dish or meal for the family, grocery shopping, etc. Make them feel responsible for a job and appreciate their efforts.

5. Motivate Independence at School

When it comes to academics, kids, especially teens need to be responsible for their work.  It is completely fine if they come to you for help but advice them to take responsibility for their work be self-sufficient. Making mistakes and learning from them is a part of life. Avoid pampering them in any way. They should keep things organized, assignment due dates on track, stable social life, active participation in extracurricular activities, etc.

6. Appreciate Open-Mindedness

There are times when kids disagree with their parents, it’s completely fine. Accept it with an open-mind. Don’t let them create a fear of disapproval or punishment, it will lead to hiding the truth and keeping important matters to themselves and will encourage them to turn to solitude. Boost your kid’s confidence so they’re open about their feelings. Let them feel good about expressing themselves, as a result, they will be well-prepared when expressing to a different audience.

7. Provide Structure

Teens prefer to stay away from regulations in life, they function better when rules are in place. As an authority figure tries adhering to a mutually-consented set of rules. Avoid forcing strict restrictions on them to create unnecessary boundaries between you and them.  Encourage independence and open-minded conversations for a healthier relationship and future.


8. Every Story Has Two Sides

Kids have a lot of stories to tell their parents, whether it be a strange incident or a problem they are facing. Before forming an opinion, remember that there are two sides to everything. What you hear from your child is just one perspective, think rationally. Teens tend to embellish their problems when they are flustered, don’t ponder too much. Get all the facts and advice them effectively in difficult scenarios.  

9. Enlighten Self-Respect

When good things happen to oneself, they feel motivated towards life. They are able to stand up for themselves. Try focusing on teaching your kids good decision-making, and solidify their self-esteem. Emphasize on enhancing their confidence and positive character traits. A confident student will never be afraid to speak up.


10. Prepare Them For Logical Conflict Resolution

Teens face a lot of problems regarding social and academic areas. When facing a dilemma in everyday life, they sometimes require external help to deal with emotional conflicts. Parents are a great resource for finding alternatives in these situations. Persuade them to think calmly and critically on such matter so they don’t make irrational decisions which might harm them or the concerning parties.