Things you will need


  1. A clay pot or any flower pot

  2. Newspapers or cardboard

  3. Acrylic paints (tubes)

  4. Wax or butter paper?



  1. Set your working space. This will be a messy job. Spread newspapers or spare carboards around your work space so the wet paint does dirty the floor.

  2. Take a clean pot and Turn the pot upside- down on the wax/butter paper so it would be easier to take it out when the paint dries.

  3. Here’s the messy part. Squeeze the paint gently and around the edges of the pot, allowing to drip down the sides.

4. Keep applying colors, don’t let the paint dry between coat

5. It is up to you if you want to cover the entire pot or not

6. Let the paint dry overnight

7. When the paint is completely dried, peel it off from the wax paper carefully. If the paint is stuck to the paper, use a knife to trim around the edge

8. There you go! now plant a seed and watch it grow in your unique rainbow pot!