Pokémon Go has quite literally become the new obsession among both the older as well the younger generation. It’s becoming the reason why people are visiting temples and masjids and also the reason why even the most anti-social and introverted people are stepping out of their homes. The objective of this game is to catch Pokemon and all the other silly characters in the series.


Pokémon Go is a new mobile game from the Pokémon universe for Android and iOS. It is based on Pokémon fundamentals of finding, catching, evolving, training and battling Pokémon, on your smartphone and in the real world around you, so you need to go out, search and find Pokémon in real places, rather than just in a game world. In this case, it uses the camera on the rear of your smartphone and places the characters from the game for you to see on your display, blending the real world and the game world.

Pokemon Go is based on the principles of Augmented Reality. This means that the Pokémon appear in real places, rather than a made-up world. This is one of the reasons why it's so exciting because augmented reality brings the game to life and you'll find Pokémon down your street, at your local park and so on. Pokémon Go is a game that demands that you get off your sofa and explore because that's the only way you'll find the Pokémon. 


So what exactly is the reason why so many people are taking to Pokemon Go?


Firstly, the idea of catching a cartoon character has mass appeal, especially if the character is cute and has been a huge franchise, in gaming, merchandising and on TV.

Secondly, the novelty of the game makes it very appealing. It’s a breakthrough into mapping the real world by using virtual reality as a gateway into a new dimension.

Thirdly, it forms a socially interactive platform for all the users.

Fourthly, it is highly addictive, its fun and it’s taking over social media and just about every other conversation.

Pokemon Go has blurred the lines between the real world and the virtual world, but, the best part about this game is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages you to step out of your house and exercise.

Pokémon Go is available as an app to download for Android and iOS. Right now, it’s available in relative app stores, but the availability is limited. Only some territories have official access to the game - like Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the USA have access to the game. However, eager fans have figured out other ways to get hold of the game and start playing before its official arrival in their countries.

Fear not, Pokemon fans. The game will soon be officially available in India on both Android and iOS platforms. Till then, ciao, go find the unofficial version and enjoy this wonderful game.  


About The Author:

Swastika Sharma is our adorable blogger at KleverKid. She is a student and debater at Delhi University and loves to write. And she just loves to play lawn tennis and a huge Nadal Fan! Reach her when you feel sporty.