Let’s face it, televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets are here to stay. As adults, it is our responsibility to show children the best way to use technology and be aware of the negatives as well. Here are some pointers to deal with gadgets on a day to day basis.

Positive Outlook:

Don’t look at technology as an enemy. Thanks to the World Wide Web, information is available at the touch of a finger. What our generation had to look up in dictionaries or encyclopedias, the current generation just “Googles”. Imagine the amount it can teach your little one and the exposure it is sure to give. A child can learn things like rhymes and stories, and even complete a complicated science assignment using the internet. It can be a very valuable tool in helping the child learn and also have fun. On that note, if you are a resident of Noida or Gurgaon, you can search for "personality development classes in Noida" or "personality development classes in Gurgaon" respectively on Google. You will get a list of good institutes that help in developing a positive outlook in your child.

Exposure To The Real World:   

It is the responsibility of the parent to expose the child to the world apart from the digital space. At a young age, they need to be taken outdoors and shown birds, animals and trees. As they grow older they can be exposed to music and art so that they  learn to appreciate the same.  Also, hobbies like music, dance and sports can be encouraged so the child has a positive outlet for his/her energy which  also nurtures their passion.

Monkey see, Monkey do:

Children learn by emulating adults. If, as parents, we are glued to our smartphones all day, we shouldn’t  expect our children to be any different as they grow. Show them that they do not need technology to keep themselves entertained and occupied. Encourage them to read, play board games together as a family and spend quality time together without the need for gadgets. Try and take at least one holiday together every year, to a place away from technology and a drone of everyday life. Kids summer camp in Delhi and kids carnival in Delhi  are some of the options where kids interact with peers and develop a competitive spirit.

Safety On The Net:

It is practically impossible for a parent to protect their child in a safety net against the influence of social media. Let’s face the fact that social media is all around us. There is no escaping it. One tip is to place the computer in the main part of the house and not give children their own smartphones at a young age. That should help you keep an eye on their usage of the internet. If you are still worried, there is software available that will help monitor their online activity. You could try Qustodio which seems to be a popular option among parents. The free version can be downloaded here.

Start Early:

As toddlers, try and introduce them to toys that will require  them to apply  their skills – stacking toys, building blocks and the likes. Read to them, solve puzzles together and make simple crafts at home. Giving them battery-operated toys and gadgets or planting them in front of the television set, might seem like an easy way to keep them occupied but the child’s brain is not stimulated by these.

As parents, we need to teach our children to be responsible. This, of course, develops as they grow older. We have the advantage of being more technology savvy than the previous generation. This makes it easier for us to partner with them,  helps them figure out their limits and not let technology get the better of them. Trust your children, set the right examples and watch them conquer the world.