Every time we go out, I worry that if my son feels hungry, he might lay his hands on one of  those packaged, over salty, spiced up and ajinomoto filled eatables like lays, kurkure or any other brand. I am apprehensive when it comes to giving children these packaged items, be it chips or cheese balls or a packet of 5 minutes noodles of any brand. I know that there is a considerable amount of Ajinomoto (which causes damage to the brain), unwanted metals in those masalas, the Transfats and not to mention the wax coating on them. So almost every time, I end up carrying parathas, pooris or idli’s to satiate his hunger.

Every day we see new brands cropping up, ready to lure kids with their fancy advertisements and superhero freebies. In all this mayhem, we still have a few brands who actually think about  a kid’s health. Recently I came across Munchkins snack boxes through KleverKid . I signed up and they happily send me a variety box for trial. Munchkin is a box of snacks for kids. It contains a variety of chips, bars, and biscuits for those sudden hunger pangs. They are not the regular deep fried oily munchies. You can get the details of Munchkins here.

Specially designed for kids, it contains no added preservatives or trans fats. This is a huge advantage because anything you lay your hand on these days contains Transfats or partially hydrogenated fat which is harmful to our body. When it comes to the taste, it was as good as chips can be. But do not expect that it will give you the flavors of lays or kurkure because those have added taste enhancers, which is not added in these products to maintain the freshness of the core ingredients.

My variety box had plain potato chips, Parmesan chips, Nutri bars and Buttery bran biscuits. The chips were really delicious. You can even serve them as a side dish instead of papad with rice. The Nutri bars were also yummy but they were a little chewy which some kids might not like. The Buttery bran biscuits had Gems stuck over them and tasted really good. Beware, these biscuits can melt really soon, so it is best to refrigerate the box as soon as you receive it.


According to me, here are the pros of Munchkins Box:

  1. No Trans Fats

  2. No preservatives added

  3. No ajinomoto added

  4. Tastes yummy


And the cons:

  1. They are a bit high priced depending on how much do you want to spend on snacks for kids.

  2. Nutri bar texture can be improved

  3. The buttery bran biscuits melted soon

  4. Do not find them in a regular shop so we need to order them beforehand.


The packaging was excellent, attractive and colorful and my son was super-excited to open it.

Since they have a variety of products ordering them in bulk for birthday parties also seems to be a great idea. Kudos Munchkins!



About the author:

Maria Vineetha Antony is an Experiential Blogger with Kleverkid. She is a mother to 4-year-old Neil. When not trying to tame Neil she will be busy in the kitchen cooking and baking. Visit her if you want to have a traditional Kerala dinner.