If you have a young kid at home, growing faster than you can believe, chances are that you have faced at least one of the following situations.

  • Stressed about how to satisfy their 5 PM hunger pangs without resorting to unhealthy carbs loaded snacks?

  • Fought against the mighty advertisers of fast-food chains to teach your kid the value of healthy eating and failed miserably?

  • Worried about what else to pack for their lunch which they would love?

  • Tempted, bribed or even scolded your kid to eat the boiled baby carrots you put before them?


But you just can't make them eat it. In kid’s world, healthy food doesn’t taste good, look good at all, does not excite them and hence nutrition in growing kids is a constant cause of concern for parents. If you connect with any of the situations above, here is our recommendation for you. We found a neat new product - Munchkins, which develops new snacks for kids which are not only healthy but also really fun and cute to look at.

Munchkins teamed up with the country’s leading Food Technologists, Nutritionists and Chefs to create a variety of simple, innovative and healthy snacking options keeping in mind the taste buds of your little munchkins. It is a tech-enabled healthy snack delivery service for children. They provide boxes containing an assortment of sweet and savoury healthy snacks. Each box is nutritionally-balanced, calorie-monitored, portion-controlled, just for growing school kids. The snacks are carefully sourced from the best sources across the country as well as internationally and are curated by expert food technologists and nutritionists. All products are sealed using state of the art Nitrogen Flushing Sealing Machines keeping them fresh for months with no added preservatives or chemicals.

A variety of wholesome snacks are prepared for the kids like energy-packed pre-sports snacks, and protein-heavy study session snacks. The snacks not only taste good but look great too. We have to warn you though – their snacks are so good that even you’d be tempted to try them out!

Check out a list of yummy snacks prepared by the company here.

Also, here are some of our top picks along with their nutrition value.



Munchkins have a convenient online service, perfect for parents who have a heavy work schedule. Since they deliver all over the major cities and towns in India, all you have to do is order your snacks, just like you do online shopping, or you have an option of a subscription box. They have a monthly and quarterly subscription with reasonable prices. Efficiently, they’ll make sure you get what you need every week. So, you have a box arrive weekly at your doorstep, just in time to help you with your kid’s hunger pangs.


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