Scrabble is an educational game which positively impacts participating kids by strengthening their verbal skills while encouraging curiosity, time management and strategic thinking in them. It also helps increase the attention span & concentration levels in a child. A game of Scrabble gives both sides of our brain a workout and is an excellent way of enhancing languagemath, and cognitive skills.

For over two decades, the School SCRABBLE Program has been providing kids a fun and worthwhile extension of the classroom. Collins and Mindsports Academy Education program are now launching the education program in India. 
The winners of the 2016 regional School Scrabble finals will win the chance to represent India at the World Youth Scrabble Championships in Lille, France, in August 2016.

If your kid loves Scrabble, KleverKid recommends that you sign him up for this fantastic opportunity ASAP!



Find fellow enthusiasts and approach your school. You can ask them to connect with the Collins Team in India. Schools can connect with the Collins team on mail at or call them on the phone number 8800876465. They will sign up for MSA Education program and start running a Scrabble club in school for interested students of all ages, with a focus on students aged between 8 and 12.

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All participating schools will get access to the Mindsports Academy Education program to check tips and words and do much more.  The Game Zone features the Official Collins Word Check and Word Solve, plus educational word games. The dictionary used on the site has been specially developed for Scrabble-play with children by Collins. The Official Collins Word Check allows children to check that words are eligible for Scrabble play. Collins Word Solve allows children to type in the letters on their rack to find words to play. Check out a preview of this cool software.



Each school will select 4 top students to represent them in the national finals in Chandigarh. One winner from each region will be sponsored to go to the World Youth Scrabble Championship in Lille France, as the Youth Scrabble champion from their region in August 2016.



Every competitor in the internal school competition and the regional finals will receive certificates of participation. A range of prizes – from dictionaries to exciting prizes for the top finalists – will also be awarded.
Regional winners going to the World Youth Scrabble Championship in Lille will also get Collins branded t-shirts with their names on to wear during the competition.


So what are you waiting for? Reach out to your school now!

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