Dipa Karmakar is now officially the first ever Indian gymnast to be named as the 'World Class Gymnast'. Dipa had finished 5th at the vaulting apparatus Worlds finals, which also sealed a berth for her at Rio 2016. "It’s common for gymnasts from Russia, US, Japan, and China. But it’s a big thing for Indian gymnastics," Dipa’s coach BS Nandy was quoted as saying in an Indian Express report. 

Dipa’s training session lasts for eight hours every day and this has intense workout has paved way for her becoming the first woman gymnast from India to qualify for the Olympics. Practice is 8 hours daily with a month left to go for Rio Games. “Our routines are dangerous and complicated. But repetition brings confidence. There are no short-cuts. Just practicing over and over again,” the coach added. Throughout her successful journey, Dipa remained grounded, calm and poised in her ordeal.

Dipa will receive a gold pin from the international parent body for being a ‘World Class Gymnast’.


It is awarded to the top 30 qualifiers in multiple apparatus events or to event finalists and is also a once-in-a-career induction into gymnastics eliteThe Mumbai-based Gymnastics Federation of India had received airmail recently from the Federation de Internationale de Gymnastique secretary general Andre Gueisbuhler informing them of the ‘Gymnaste de classe mondiale’ distinction bestowed on Dipa.

“I was happy and emotional when she qualified for Rio, today I am proud. It’s like the whole of India’s good wishes are with this girl,” said the coach who lost close to 5 kg worrying and sleepless the night before his ward’s Olympic qualification was formally announced. “I’ll never forget that stressful night when I lost all that weight till 7.30 am the next day!” he recalls.

One of the major reasons why Dipa Karmakar has been successful in her endeavours is the posting of Ram Nivas Gupta as Project Officer, Sports Authority of India, at IG Stadium. “Things clicked because he himself was a former national gymnastics champion. He procured equipment for us without delays. We have to keep in mind what she’s up against. My job is to take her into the final. From there, anything can happen. But right now I’ll be happy with a final,” Nandy says.

Even though Karmakar, hails from the state of Tripura with its rich tradition in the sport and rudimentary infrastructure, she has been anointed as ‘World Class’, and the coach and his team are not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that Dipa brings home the gold medal.


When asked about how Dipa is celebrating her success, we get to hear that she is very excited and wanted to party with her friends. However, her coach replied, "I told her Chup raho, pehle Olympics ho jaane do! Bahot kaam pada hai. (I told her to keep calm and first get done with the Olympics - there is a lot of hard work left)," Nandy added. 


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