Hear! Hear! Finally, kids in Delhi can experience and enjoy the miracle that is KidZania. Now open in Delhi, this amazing theme park offers which an inspirational, enjoyable and educational experience for kids, as their comrades in Mumbai are already aware of. KidZania will empower future generations and bring forward a fresh outlook towards kids edutainment space.  KidZania provides young children the perfect platform for learning as well as enjoying. This theme park is designed in a manner, such that it inculcates within children, a sense acceptance towards societal norms, understanding of finance, confidence building role plays and promotes overall personality development for the child. 

In KidZania young kids would understand how a real city works, with proper buildings, battery operated vehicles and even an airbus. They will be an integral part of a whole as they sensitize themselves to the real-time workings of society. Young children can represent their favorite jobs and work in an environment conducive to economic growth in a theme park and relate it to personality development which helps in building their confidence. KidZania has flight simulators which will allow an aspiring pilot to pilot an actual theme park flight for his passengers.

KidZania is the platform one needs their kids to be in so that they can understand correlate to a real city. Here, kids will interact with children of their age and build a socially interactive platform which is an amalgamation of learning, merriment and fun.  This platform is ideal for the young boy who wants to become a surgeon when he grows up or the young girl whose admires firemen and wishes to mimic one.

The power of imagination knows no limits and KidZania is here to nurture these young minds and help them grow. Our very own, Shahrukh Khan promotes KidZania. KidZania has its own money and banking system. Here, kids can safely explore, inhabit and play an important role in the city.  

KidZania is the world’s leading edutainment brand and has more than thirty-one million visitors across the globe. Now, it has spread its roots to Noida in Entertainment City and this indeed is a step in the right direction for this globally acknowledged company.


Here is the list of things that kids can enjoy at KidZania:

  1. Have real time experience of what it’s like to be employed and doing your favourite job. KidZania offers you the unique opportunity of actually doing your favourite job and being a real part of the economy such that your contribution to the whole matters. This is important for young children as it is the best way of learning the social roles of different people.


  1. Be part of role play, which is educational and has psychological as well as motivational benefits. Role play is important as it makes children socially interactive at a young age. This promotes social skills as well as paves way for learning in a fun manner.


  1. Gives power to your imagination and lets creativity grow. KidZania is a platform which promotes creativity and allows children to openly create a world as per the dictations of their imagination.


  1. Understanding currency and value for money. KidZania creates a currency system where children get paid for doing their respective jobs and hence, creates an economic structure where the value and importance of money can be calculated, as well as understood.


  1. Learning in a playful manner for developing an understanding about the social norms and value addition. KidZania promotes learning at an early age. It’s a platform where children can learn a lot about the society while they have fun. This practical education goes a long way and is easy to recall and recollect.


Munish Baldev, Head – Retail, said, “The tie-up with KidZania is yet another endeavor by the company to bring in best in class global brands in retail and leisure into the country. KidZania will entertain and educate kids from the entire nation.”

Therefore, to be a part of this socially interactive sphere, where young minds grow, nurture and develop, do visit entertainment city at Noida