Who hasn’t read Harry Potter and then visualized having breakfast at one of the four house tables, be it the Gryffindor table or the Slytherin table? Almost all of us have. We have dreamt of being a part of this adventure and we can all connect to this virtual yet surprisingly tangible world. The image of the never-ending supply of delicious food appearing out of thin air - piles of buns, bowls of mashed potatoes, sausages, pies and everything else you could imagine at the Great Hall, is enough to make anyone’s mouth water and stomach rumble. 

So, to give Harry Potter fans a unique opportunity to enjoy breakfast at the Hogwarts Castle, the Warner Bros Studio has come up with the ideal solution. The replica of Hogwarts Castle has been built where 300 fiber optic lights were installed for the lit-up lanterns effect. It took 7 months and 40 people to build.


So, do clear your busy schedules for August 22 and 28, when visitors to the Warner Bros Studio Tour London will be lucky enough to start their day with breakfast at the Great Hall. Some of the specialties that you will be treated to once, you come here will be boxes of special wizarding cereals Pixie Puffs and Cheeri Owls at your house table. The food will be served to you by the staff dressed up as Hogwarts students.



After this excellent breakfast, you're free to explore rest of the features that this brand new studio offers like the very new No. 4, Privet Drive set or the moving display of the Devil's Snare. There will be a special event called Finding The Philosopher's Stone scheduled to start from 22 July, marking the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. All this will be at the reasonable rate of just £ 95 for adults and £ 75 for children.

For me, the most interesting part of this scene would’ve been sitting and waiting for the sorting hat to sort me into my preferred house. The suspense, the mystery, the wait, it all makes it worth it and worth waiting for.

So while, the people living in the UK will enjoy this brand new facility where they can live and be a real part of Hogwarts, we will sit here and dream about a similar set


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