WOW! Dreamworks Production is back at it again with another Kung Fu Panda movie. Yes, a third installment of the Kung Fu Panda franchise is here finally and it is something you don’t want to miss. Box Office has already collected 10 crores since its grand opening.

One of the most loved animated movies, the “weight” for this movie (pun intended) was tremendous from kids to adults. Who doesn’t love Po? Just look at him.

Now if you’re wondering why should you take your kids for this movie after hearing mixed reviews? I’m going to list down a few reasons[No spoilers]:


1. The top-notch detailing work done from graphics to the score is mind blowing to the eyes and ears, respectively. The 3D effect makes it look even more life-like. Not many animated movies appeal the audience with its graphics because of their focus on the plot and characters. Dreamworks has actually justified their own name.


2. The charming characters and dialogues make you fall in love with their adorableness. It doesn’t matter who the bad guy is, once you look at them, you can’t help but say either “awww!” or “wow!”. The detailing done on each character is marvelous. The subtle use of humor and witty dialogues makes the movie more satisfying to watch.


3. The soundtrack of this movie scored by Hans Zimmer will take you on a Chinese adventure. Considering this is a Chinese-American collaboration, the music justifies the movie’s setting. Everything from the theme to the background music is soothing on the ears. You cannot miss that.


4. The main theme of this movie centres around being oneself. You should be yourself and no one else. That’s a great message for the audience. There are certain elements in this movie that can be a great lesson for kids.?


5. It’s a fun action packed movie for kids and parents, quite relaxing for a day out. A 1 hour 35 minutes movie won’t do any harm. Enjoy!


So, how about  getting some lessons from a panda, monkey, snake, rat, and turtle? Only a good director can take you so involved with the characters that you start learning lessons from them. They have delivered such strong emotions and lessons with such simplicity. Strong cinematography and soundtrack are the added plus. We would give it 4 out of 5 stars.