As an Edu blogger, it amazes me when I see so many kids around me who are ‘weak in Maths’, and who want to drop Maths as a subject as soon as the school system allows. This is especially ironic in the context of India, whose manpower is famous the world over for mathematical and technological superiority. After all, we owe the concept of zero and the decimal system – both path-breaking discoveries which have made much of the world’s scientific advancement possible – to ancient Indian Mathematicians. Bhaskaracharya and Aryabhatta in ancient times and Ramanujan in the last century bear testimony to our glorious heritage of Mathematical knowledge.

Then how can our children be weak in Maths?

The answer is quite simple. Our education system teaches Maths in a piecemeal fashion, without trying to establish any continuity between topics or a holistic approach to the subject. Most of the time children are clueless about why they need to do Maths. It becomes a compulsion and a tedious chore. This system suits only a handful of students while the rest get labelled as ‘weak in Maths’ because they don’t want to do it or are intimidated by it.

But Maths is something to be enjoyed. Quite apart from being a scoring subject which can push up scholastic grades, is also the foundation of many other subjects, and a storehouse of life skills. Studies all over the world have consistently proven that kids who do well at Maths have greater chances of success in life. Even otherwise, a child who does Maths regularly, and does it well, learns to work in a structured, disciplined manner, think logically, analyse situations and develop problem-solving skills. 

This is where Cuemath comes in.

Are you one of the growing numbers of parents whose kids have been slotted as ‘weak in Maths’? 

If yes, then Cuemath is the answer to your problem. Described by its founders as ‘an after-school math enrichment program that is revolutionising the way math is experienced by both educators and students’, Cuemath is designed and structured to make all children fall in love with Maths and be great at it.

The best part is that rather than adhering to the chop-and-change school curriculum, they make Maths an integral part of the children’s lives, making them realize its relevance in real life and inculcating a deep understanding and love for it.

Cuemath's core team is comprised of Maths, Education and Technology graduates from IIT, IIM, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard. Their teachers are rigorously trained and tested before being certified to teach under their banner and the groups are typically kept small – not more than eight students per batch so that it is possible for every child to ask for and receive personalized attention from the instructor.

So, for every child who has ever struggled with numbers or mathematical concepts, I would strongly recommend Cuemath, where they believe that every child has the potential to be proficient in Maths and build a love for it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go, book a class for your kid with Cuemath today!


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