An educated mind is the biggest asset for any person and an educated population is the greatest strength for any society or nation, and with Kerala having achieved 100 per cent primary education through its ‘Athulya’ scheme, the rest of India has something to look up to and emulate. Having educated even its entire adult population till the age of 50, Kerala has emerged as an inspiration to all Indians to make their children’s education their first priority. 


Education may not really be a panacea for all ills, but it is certainly a big part of the solution to many of the problems of society today. More than just knowledge, education truly broadens the mind by providing exposure to varied situations and settings. It thus becomes an important factor in changing old mindsets and moving with the changing times.


If all parents in India were to take their cue from Kerala’s achievement and motivate their kids towards education, Indian society might, over a couple of generations, hope to be free of social issues such as communal hatred, gender selection in children and female foeticide, bride harassment, and even molestation of females. We would be a more empowered society with progressive attitudes and the world at our feet. 


So, three cheers for Kerala, and may there be more states following this example!