Sending a child out of the house, even for a couple of hours, is a major decision. First of all, we as parents find it very hard to accept that our kids have grown up so soon. On top of that, most children who have been at home until then will not fall in love with playschool on the very first day. As a parent, I have myself put off my kid’s playschool admission for close to a year now! When contemplating playschool, here are a few questions to ask yourself.


1. Are You Ready For Playschool? Kids are only as ready as we are. If the idea of waking up early and making a dedicated lunchbox is not something you particularly enjoy, rest assured that if you start your day on this note, your kid will carry the same attitude to school. It is important to know that playschools have summer breaks, winter breaks and holidays, so if you’re both working parents with no dedicated support system, you will have to decide if a playschool is the right choice for you or not.


2. What Is Your Kid’s Learning Style? While all kids learn roughly the same things at a certain age, some kids learn by silent observation while other learn by engaging with other children their age. For kids of the first type, it may be more ideal to take them on walks, let them sit in parks, etc. to help them learn. For kids who are social butterflies, a playschool is definitely a great option.


3. Does Your Child Show Interest In School? By the age of two, most kids understand their surroundings. Take them to a playschool and see how they react to the environment there. Try not to be involved as much as possible. This way, you’ll be able to tell if he/ she is ready to be independent and away from you for a few hours. If the kid is interested in the idea of going to school, the transition from home to school will be much easier.


4. Can Your Child Speak And Understand Basic Directions? There’s a lot of debate on this and parents have different views. I personally think that it’d be beneficial for the kid and his caregivers to understand and respond to basic sentences before venturing to playschool. This way, they’ll be able to tell you all about their day and also alert you to anything that may be bothering them. While they may still be too young to explain things clearly, as a parent, their rudimentary language will help you understand what is happening in their life at school. Also important is that they know who their caregivers are and understand that they shouldn’t be off with strangers.


5. Is Your Kid’s Immunity Strong Enough? Remember that once playschool starts, even the healthiest of kids will start to pick up random illnesses. While they’re completely curable, they’re a nuisance. A lot of people choose to put kids directly in nursery so the immunity is stronger by then. While this in itself shouldn’t be a discouraging factor, if you find that your kid has a cold every time you visit the park, it may be better to wait for a few months before sending them to playschool.