At times, I just like to sit back and realize that how the world is changing. There might have been a time when people who used to paint and draw things using natural extracts might’ve never thought about the existence of acrylic paint colors and high style brushes specifically designed to master the mesmerizing art of the artist. And then there had been a time in one of the earliest of the centuries when the cave man used to draw on the wall, leaving an imprint of art as an archeological finding. Anyway, time passed by and generation by generation people were introduced to some drawings firstly known as one dimensional, equipped with a single line and then in the same way the two-dimensional form of drawings were acknowledged.

The art forms evolved with time and the world gained a lot with the emergence and the beauty of three-dimensional drawings and art. But can an art form be more heart throbbing than the three-dimensional artworks? Well, the answer lies under the masterpieces of a talented Indian teenager, Sushant S Rane. The 19-year-old Sushant lives in the city of dreams Mumbai and is the first year Bachelor of Arts student at Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai. Check out his work below to get an idea about his talent -

Sushant has drawn things that we see and relate to our daily lives. But his artistic style is different than other three-dimensional artworks. His works are something that is known to be hyper-realistic 3-D drawings. Definitely, there seems to be a lot of commendable talent possessed by the teen but also it is his hard work that one must count. And as Stephen king has said, “What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”  Hence, it is his passion-driven hard work that could recount to be a success story now. 

I do remember how the 90’s kids were taught shading by placing an Indian coin beneath a plain sheet. That kind of drawings done by shading techniques used to be a thing that automatically went on to raise our collars up! But Sushant’s hyper-realistic 3-D works are way beyond. According to Clara Lieu, Visual artist and an adjunct professor of Rhode Island School of Design, “Artists need to think, make choices, and express opinions in their work. This critical thinking process is what distinguishes an artist from someone who is simply technically adept in drawing.” It had been his willingness to experiment with art styles that brought fame to him. His experimenting efforts and ideas were involved along with the passion for drilling such great art works. As an inspiring figure, he had been praised by millions and our talented Indian population of kids aspires to be a great artist just like Sushant!


About the author:

Bani Simar Kaur is our blog writer, who is extremely passionate about gaining and exploring new paths of knowledge. She has a keen interest in understanding the Socio-Political structure of this country. Working for the Society and environmental issues are the key points of this aspiring successful women.