“I stand for myself, I stand for my family, I stand for myself, but firstly and proudly I stand for my country: India” the feeling of patriotism touches the Indian souls quite often. But the most intriguing level is achieved during the sports matches. Almost every section of the Indian society is fascinated by the news that “India will be playing against….” The tricolor flag of our nation was raised many times in different years in different scenarios, in different fields of sports including our national game hockey, the most enthusiastic cricket matches, or lawn tennis or badminton. The Indian players had always tried hard and had succeeded in letting other Indians taste the flavor of victory. But astonishment strikes with the fact that even after naming many sports games the all-time favorite football cannot be included in the list at least at this stage.

Nevertheless, the Indian bourgeois diehard fans of real Madrid and Manchester united are busy swelling their throats with cheers!

But finally, the time has arrived when our country is ready to climb the platform of heartwarming invite in the field of football. But this time, there is a twist while exploring the game. It’s not like the regular world cup tournaments. This time, India can get an opportunity to perform in Homeless World cup 2016, to be held in Galsgow.

 According to the official website, each year, the network of global street football partners select more than 500 players to compete children of sex workers. Slum Soccer, the official Indian partner of the Homeless World Cup India runs a nationwide football contest annually, with participation from seven different states every year in the annual Homeless World Cup tournament. Football and the Homeless World Cup have the power to change the lives of homeless people.

Hence, this tournament works and is played around within the context of social lines. In India, their main target are children and young men and women living in slums, including those squatting on government land, those displaced because of natural disasters, and tournament serves as a platform for showcasing young talents and enables Slum Soccer India to pick the squad that will represent the country at that year’s Homeless World Cup. Slum Soccer India takes care of the travel and accommodation charges of all the participants and their coaches. But along with the support from such organizations the participants are needy; they actually need support and motivation from all around the country! Even if the youth, with the same patriotic feel, could render half of as much of the enthusiasm they gather for Manchester united and real Madrid, the aim of a homeless world cup in India could be a distant but accomplishing World Cup dream. Bringing home the glory for our country, the underprivileged section might comprise of real heroes!

The Indian men and women teams can only participate in Glasgow for the Homeless World Cup with the help of our support. Slum Soccer, has launched a fundraising campaign to help the Indian teams reach the Homeless World Cup. 

The teams need to raise an amount of 10 lakhs and we can make it happen with our contribution. It is like passing a helping hand to these people. And now it’s our time to prove our love for sports and most importantly the love for our country by supporting our fellow Indian players. It’s time to bring football the glory!


About the author:

Bani Simar Kaur is our blog writer, who is extremely passionate about gaining and exploring new paths of knowledge. She has a keen interest in understanding the Socio-Political structure of this country. Working for the Society and environmental issues are the key points of this aspiring successful women.