Do you have dreams of seeing your child dance like Michael Jackson or Madhuri Dixit? Have you squealed in delight every time they do a little jiggle? Here is how you find out if your child loves dancing as much as you’d want them to.


1. You see your child use every opportunity to shake a leg to the music. It could be an Ad jingle on the TV or a dance program in your neighbourhood. Your child wants to move their body to the tune belted.  Any peppy music tune gets their head bobbing and legs tapping.

2. They love the impromptu dance parties that you start at home randomly. Try to start dancing yourself to any peppy song that comes on TV. If your child joins you immediately and starts dancing, you can rest assured that there is a dancer hidden in your child.

3. They love to go on stage and perform a dance routine for the others. Dancing boosts the self-confidence of a child. If your child loves to dance, encourage them to go on stage in community events in your neighbourhood as much as you can. Start them young and take baby steps towards grooming a dancer.

4. As they grow up, they may request you to put them in a dance class. Be open to their interests and join them in a dance class in a genre that interests them. It could be Bollywood or Western or Indian classical. Tell them to try all kinds of genre that’s accessible to them and let them choose their pick. This will help them to stick to a genre and specialize in it.

5. Do not force an introverted shy child to get on stage. A sampler session in a dance school is a great way to pique their interest in dancing. Dancing is a fun way to keep fit and feel confident. Everyone is born with a natural rhythm and a right opportunity can bring out the dancer in your child.

6. Find out if there is a Mommy and Child or a Daddy and Child dance class available in your city or town. Dancing can become an excellent bonding activity for the parents and children if you both enjoy it.  Trying different venues for dancing is the key to spotting the dancer in your child.

Dancing is a fun physical activity for a growing child. Make sure your child enjoys it. Let not the dance class become a chore for them. Keep it interesting by joining them in a fusion class that teaches various forms of dance. Encourage a shy child to lose their inhibition through dancing. Dancing can be therapeutic for some. With your help, your child can find the hidden dancer within.