Ever wonder about the gobsmacking galaxy where we live in? How would you like if you could make one for yourself?

Well, here is how you can make one!


Things you will need:

  1. Empty, see-through jar or bottle with a lid

  2. 3-4 acrylic paints

  3. A cup for each color of the acrylic paints

  4. Stick to mix

  5. cotton

  6. glitter and stars (optional)

  7. Water

  8. glue/fevicol


*You might need your parent’s help.

*Be careful with handling the jar/bottle and the water.




  1. Flatten the cotton and put some at the bottom of the jar/bottle. You can use a stick to push the cotton into the bottle.

  2. Add your glitter and stars on top of it and shake it so it’s spread.

  3. Now take a Cup for each color and put water in it.

    1. Put a few squirts of the acrylic paint in each cup.

    2. Mix with a stick.


4. Pour one of the colored water on top of the cotton in the jar/bottle.  

  1. DO NOT pour all of the colored water at once! Do it slowly,  little by little.

  2. Pour enough for the cotton to absorb it.

  3. If in case you have put too much colored water, add more cotton.

5. Then add another layer of cotton on top, add glitter and stars and put another colored water.

6. The layers will form like - cotton + glitter + stars + colored water + cotton + glitter + stars + colored water ….till you’ve reached the top of the jar/bottle. Poke with a stick to mix the colors a little.

7. Put fevicol at the rim of the jar/bottle and put the lid. Now the lid is firmly glued and fixed so when you can shake the jar (if you'd like) it won’t spill the water.


Now you have your own beautiful and amazing Gobsmacking Galaxy Jar/Bottle!

You can shake it, name it or even gift it!