Do you want your own jar of tiny fairies in your room? Well, guess what! You can make one in less than an hour. They glow in the dark like fireflies!


Things you will need:

1. A jar of any size

2. Glow in the dark paints

3. Paintbrushes

4. Ribbon (Optional)

5. Your parent’s permission? ? 


1. Make sure it's a clear jar: You can choose either a plastic or glass jar of any size. The mouth of the jar should be wide enough so you can use a paintbrush to paint the inside of the jar.


2. Clean your jar with a clean cloth. Wipe the inside as well as the outside of the jar properly.

3. Prepare your paint, shake the paint bottle or tube well and take out a teaspoon of it onto a dish.

4. It’s time to make fairies! Choose your favorite color and start making dots on the jar with the paintbrush. First paint the inside, then paint the outside. If you want to paint more than one color then make sure you work with one color at a time.

5. After you’re done, carefully keep it near the window or outside where it can get direct sunlight, and let it dry for few hours. Sunlight charges the paint. That means, if you leave it under the sunlight for 10-15 minutes everyday, the paint will glow every night. It’s rechargeable!  

6. If you want, you can tie a ribbon around the jar to make it look more pretty.

7. There you go! Now you have your very own fairy glow jar. Keep it in your room where you enjoy watching your fairies come alive every night!