Let’s make some colorful butterflies just by using bowtie noodles! A perfect summer art for kids!


Things you will need:





a. Bow-tie noodles/pasta

b. Black sketch pen

c. Acrylic paint or Colorful bold markers

d. Glue (Fevicol)

e. Scissors

f. White construction sheet


1. Take few bow-tie noodles and paint them with bright colors, paint some of them green for the grass. Let them dry completely.


2. After they’ve dried, take the scissors and carefully cut the green-colored noodles into a half.
3. Glue the green-colored noodles at the bottom of the sheet and glue the colorful noodles randomly on the same page.
4. With the black sketch pen, draw the butterflies’ antennas and dotted trails behind them so it looks like they’re flying!
Now you can look at your noodle  butterflies flying with glee!