Make a rainstick with recyclable items. A perfect musical instrument for kids that sounds like falling rain!


Things you’ll need:



2. Nails

3.Thick cardboard or soft plastic tube

4. Handful of Lima beans/rajma/rice

5. Glue

6. Colorful sheets (to cover the tube)

7. Acrylic paint or patterned papers/confetti/ any decorative items

8. An adult supervision




1. Ask an adult to tap the nails into the tube at random intervals (no particular order). The longer it takes the beans to reach the bottom, the longer the noise will last.



2. Add a handful of the filling of your choice inside the tube and close the tube.


3. Secure the tube carefully by wrapping any colored sheets with glue, keeping in mind about the nails.



4. Decorating time! Decorate the rainstick however you want. You can paint on it, use glitter, feathers, make a collage, it’s all up to you!



5. After you’re done decorating, turn the rainstick upside down and hear the rain fall inside your house!