Most parents wish for their kids to perform well in Academics. A good academic record is not a necessity in today’s time what with multiple career streams opening up. Kids these days do well in extra-curricular activities / sports / theatre, but good academic performance is still a hygiene factor. It sure helps open up multiple paths for kids and gives them self-confidence.

Parents should keep an eye out for some of these behaviors to assess if their kids’ academic performance is getting affected. 

1. Poor Grades and Feedback from Teachers:

This is the first tell-tale sign of a kid’s disinterest in academics. Current schools do not have multiple test or exams and are also rather lenient in terms of grading. Teachers also communicate with parents and provide detailed feedback in Open House sessions. Do make time to attend these and be receptive to the feedback. Do not consider it as unnecessary criticism of your kid. Teachers just like yourself are working for the betterment of your kid. 

2. Low Concentration: Though most kids are easily distracted and are not able to focus on one given task for a long period of time, if you observe something unusual about this such as not being able to concentrate on ANY activity related to school work, this is a red flag. 

3. Unable to answer simple questions: Be aware of the curriculum of your kids and once in a while quiz them about it randomly. Do not make it a practice such that kids are always on their toes and unable to relax nor get concerned if they are not able to answer 4 out of 10 questions. Even if they are attempting and answering 6 out of 10 questions, kids are good. 

4. Refusal to attend school: If the kids are unwilling to attend school or even tuitions and trying to find excuses on a regular basis, you should pay close attention. Some kids even exhibit more aggressive behaviors such as shutting themselves in the bathroom till school time passes.  

5. Bedwetting: Anxiety and stress of not being able to perform well in academics at school and not being able to discuss that with parents thinking they will never understand may lead to kids exhibiting grumpy behavior most of the time. In aggravated situations it may lead to bedwetting or nightmares. Pay close attention to such signs as well. 


If parents can recognize some of the above symptoms in their kids, they can take steps to rectify them on time by spending more time with them and addressing their concerns. See if it is a particular subject that they are weak in or a particular teacher they dislike or is it general aversion to learning at school. Some kids may actually be having special learning needs. Timely attention to those will really help your kids in the long term.