Whether you are a working mom, a full-time mom or someone in between, there is one thing common to it all - the involvement of a child. Now, as we all know, children are not exactly the most rational people on the planet. After a hard day at work, it is just not possible anymore to take a long shower because the little one is up to no good. If you are your child’s primary caregiver, it is only natural to want to run away at times. Juggle both, and by the end of the day, you are a train wreck.

Believe this or not, a lot of chronic health issues that start out in late adulthood are linked to the constant stress we subject ourselves to. Being on edge every single moment is a recipe for future high blood pressure. So mommy, take a break and claim your sanity back. We tell you how.

1.   Let It Go:

Now, this one is not just a throaty, catchy song from ‘Frozen.’ Make this mantra a part of you. When you’re on the verge of screaming about rajma spilled on the floor, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can clean it up later. When you’re dead tired and just don’t want to engage with the child, turn on the television for a while and keep them engaged while you have some tea in peace. Sure, these aren’t the most pious tips on housekeeping and parenting, but we are all humans after all, right?

2.   Lean In:

Sheryl Sandberg is an icon. She is not only a super successful employee but also a wonderful (now) single mother to her two beautiful children. According to her, we too can have the life of our dreams if only we say goodbye to our egos and ask for help. I once made a pilot pick up the pieces of my phone off the floor at an airport because I had an infant in my arms. Don’t be apologetic about asking for help. Ask confidently and repay with a warm thank you and see if you can step in for people when you find the time. We are a society, and we simply cannot live as islands.

3.   Pamper Yourself:

This sounds pretty straightforward, but I wonder how many of us follow this tip. Run to work, work hard all day, grab a random lunch, head home, kick shoes off and start making dinner. Or start each day with feeding and playing with the toddler, cooking, cleaning. Phew! Take time out for yourself, not necessarily at a spa.

4.   Breathe:

Lastly, take a deep breath in and imagine that you’re letting good air in. Breathe out and let the bad air out. Do this often- in a conflict, when the baby is being particularly horrible, when you’re on the verge of breaking down. It really helps calm you down.

We hope you find some of these tips useful and start implementing them in your daily life. Also, don’t forget to just go ahead and do something unreasonable sometimes.  After all, the whole idea of relaxing and staying sane is for it to be spontaneous, right?