We all come across rude and disrespectful people in different situations in life. It might be somebody who flies off the handle without much provocation, somebody who completely lacks patience and understanding or somebody who is plain bad mannered and abusive in his language.

A normal human being might just let the other person know what they think about them and give them a piece of their mind. However, things change when you are a parent. Your children are always observing your actions and learning social skills based on your interactions. When tough situations happen at school, at a birthday party, or on the playground involving another parent, it can be quite tricky to handle. Here is our list of ideas to handle the situation in a sensible manner.


Keep Calm

When a parent is abusive, try not to react immediately but instead stay calm and level headed. If you feel you must react to the impolite behaviour, try not to go over the top. Behaving rudely just because the other person did won’t solve the issue but instead, might just aggravate it. Once the parent has calmed down, you could have a reasonable conversation and explain how you feel.

Try understanding their perspective 

Everybody is human and is entitled to have their bad days. Avoid responding negatively to rude comments or actions. Don’t take it personally and try to be understanding of the situation. Sometimes it’s best to not say anything if you can’t say anything nice. If the disrespectful behaviour continues, at least, you can ease your conscience by knowing you were the mature and sensible one in the interaction.

Tune out the negative 

Be the bigger person and offer the rude parent respect and kindness, irrespective of whether his behaviour demands it. Avoid aggression or creating a scene, especially in front of your child. When you remain calm, the other person might be forced to be more reasonable and considerate in his actions.

Let go

If the rude behaviour continues, it is better to just excuse yourself and walk away and avoid interaction with the person in future. Some people are just not worth your time and energy. You don’t need to take it on yourself to cure the other person’s rudeness. Over time, the other person will most likely get the message and try harder to be polite.

We need to be very careful of how we tackle difficult situations especially in the presence of children. They are observant and are quick to pick up cues from the environment. If they see you losing your temper easily, they just might think that it is the appropriate way to handle situations. Keep calm and be a mum!