Tajamul Islam is set to be the first Indian to represent the country in the World Kickboxing Championship that is to be held in November in Italy this year. Not only is this an honourable milestone for her and the country, but a path to a new life! Tajamul was raised in a small village in Kashmir’s Bandipora district. Her father, Ghulam Mohammad Lone, is a driver for the Hindustan Construction Company who earns enough to feed his family. However this did not stop him from sending Tajamul and her siblings including two sisters and two brothers; to learn martial arts under the guidance of Faisal Ali Dar, who runs an academy in the town.


“I spotted Tajamul from the distance. She wasn’t yet completely conversant with the rules of the game but she had the speed”. I found her instinctively aggressive”, is what Dar had to say about Tajamul.


He added, "Tajamul has shown ultimate fortitude considering her tender age but her success is the combined efforts of her parents, who supported her in every possible way, her teachers at Goodwill school, who worked really hard to polish her raw talent and, most of all, the senior vice-president kickboxing Federation of India, Mr Ghulam Nabi Tantray, who encouraged Tajamul to show her talent even after some age related issues surfaced."


In 2014, Tajamul was declared the “best fighter” in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. She stole the spotlight when she became the youngest gold medalist in the J&K Wushu Championships and qualified for the National Wushu Championships in Haridwar last month. After she defeated her opponent last year at the National Kickboxing Championships 2015 in Delhi, thereby qualified to the World Championship as well as became the first girl from the Valley in her age group to win a gold medal in the tournament.



"A few days into the training, and she was all over the place. She didn’t only lord it over inside the ring but outside it too. Not only kickboxing, she also took part in dancing, singing and debating, And fights too. She is a girl nobody would dare mess with", Dar told Kashmir Observer.
Ghulam Nabi Tantray, the vice-president of the Kickboxing Federation of India, said, "I saw something amazingly different in her when she won the gold medal in Delhi and I was fully determined to remove any obstacle coming her way. I believe that she will set new milestones of success."

"Our village is very backward but I, along with other kids like me, are going to take it to new heights," Tajamul said.


She is now one of the inspirations for children to keep working hard and achieve the best in the life! As the saying goes, “Dreams don’t work unless you doA positive attitude in life will lead to happiness!



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